Links 5/9/23

Links for you. Science:

What does long COVID do to kids? What we’ve learned after a year of research.
A Critical New Drug Is Coming—Unless Agriculture Gets There First. Two long-awaited fungus killers are about to roll out. But if one is widely deployed first, it might breed resistance and make the other useless.
Link Between Long Telomeres and Long Life Is a Tall Tale, Study Finds
Bloom or bust
Rethinking fatigue: Feeling tired vs. being physically depleted
Disease experts warn White House of potential for omicron-like wave of illness


Traffic Jam: Worshipping at the altar of the click
‘Idaho isn’t a safe place to practice medicine anymore,’ doctors flee strict abortion ban
Too Damn High: The notorious RGB moves to increase rents on stabilized apartments
Jordan Neely Was Already Dead: New York reckons with a homeless epidemic and a killing.
Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey?
Biden’s economic record? Successful, not transformative. Because of obstruction, Biden was unable to make his most ambitious programs permanent
The pure scumminess of Clarence Thomas: Classic Rock edition
The World’s Easiest Marks
Now you admit it? Now???
A Newspaper Crawling Up Its Own Ass FOREVER
Why I Changed My Mind on the Debt Limit
Anatomy of an ‘American Transit Disaster’
The Far Right’s Dangerous Fertility Myths
The real reason for the Supreme Court’s corruption crisis
Dril Is Everyone. More Specifically, He’s a Guy Named Paul.
HR Records Was Cool Before VP Kamala Harris Paid A Visit — But It Just Got Cooler
Can NYPD Reform Be Raised From the Dead? What does it take for politicians to fear their constituents more than their bosses?
A nasty development in the culture wars invades an affluent N.J. suburb
Why Does Bad Science on Covid’s Origin Get Hyped?
California health care providers’ retreat from COVID masking is shameful
Conservative Christians want more religion in public life. Texas lawmakers are listening.
GOP frontrunner for NC governor mocked school shooting survivors and once justified shooting protesters
Long COVID is hurting business; workplace accommodations could help
Jan. 6 rioter in pink beret identified after ex spotted her in a viral FBI tweet: “It’s just going to be one of those things for me. I dated this girl that was on the FBI’s most wanted list.”
Swearing Like A Sailor May Not Be Such A Bad Thing
The Gravest Threats to Campus Speech Come From States, Not Students

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