Links 4/8/23

Links for you. Science:

‘Everyone is kind of tired and has given up’ on COVID. But this new variant is ‘one to watch,’ the WHO says
Prior COVID-19 infection associated with increased risk of newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction
SARS-CoV-2 and male infertility: from short- to long-term impacts
Genomic investigations of unexplained acute hepatitis in children
Theropod dinosaur facial reconstruction and the importance of soft tissues in paleobiology
Protective immunity of SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccines against medically attended symptomatic omicron BA.4, BA.5, and XBB reinfections in Singapore: a national cohort study


Defeat of a School Voucher Program Reveals Motives Behind the ‘School Choice’ Debate
What To Do About AI-Driven Job Displacement
Struggling with long COVID? You may find yourself in “Return to Oz”
What Trump’s Indictment Really Means
The unhinged GOP defense of Trump is the real ‘test’ for our democracy
CDC team studying health impacts of Ohio train derailment fell ill during investigation
THE OTHER GREAT MIGRATION: SOUTHERN WHITES AND THE NEW RIGHT (though see this thread–necessary corrective)
Sports Betting In D.C. Was Supposed To Fund Gambling Addiction Treatment. That Hasn’t Happened
Life Expectancy and Inequality: America is experiencing the greatest gap in life expectancy across regions in the last 40 years
Florida COVID-19 caseload doubles in late March over early in the month
Feedly Faces Backlash Over Protest-Tracking AI Models
A sacred sculpture again sees the light of day in Northwest D.C.
China Has Been Waging a Decades-Long, All-Out Spy War
A tragedy without end
Survey: 1 In 8 Florida Incoming Freshmen Plan To Flee DeSantis’s Education Policies
Why Americans are so pessimistic about their finances
The Democratic Senator Who Says Liberals Have Lost Their Way on Housing
True-crime fans seized on the Idaho killings. Their accusations derailed lives.
‘Stolen Youth’: The Anti-Woke Book That’s Afraid of Everything
As pandemic benefits wind down, a reckoning for households and economy
Customizing some laptops can be needlessly tricky. Not this one.
Why Is Lauren Boebert Trolling Her Own Bill?
GHOST TAGS: Inside New York City’s Black Market for Temporary License Plates
Please, Say Gay: What do laws banning the discussion of sexuality and gender in schools do to the kids they’re supposed to protect?

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