Links 4/9/23

Links for you. Science:

The Unbelievable Zombie Comeback of Analog Computing. Computers have been digital for half a century. Why would anyone want to resurrect the clunkers of yesteryear?
Maternal third dose of BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine and risk of infant COVID-19 hospitalization
What color were Neandertals?
One iguana’s taste for cake leaves a young girl with a mysterious malady
Probiotic supplements may do the opposite of boosting your gut health
No, moderate drinking isn’t good for your health


Republican prosecutors don’t need a “precedent” to indict political enemies
Trump Is The Indicted, Twice-Impeached Loser The GOP Deserves
Twitter’s Moment of Truth Has Arrived. As Elon Musk removes the legacy blue checks, he needs more people to subscribe. It isn’t happening.
Why ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz thinks ‘billionaire’ is a slur
Calm down, everybody! Trump is not going to be helped by his indictments
Inside the Guardian’s civil war over trans coverage
ICE Is Grabbing Data From Schools and Abortion Clinics
“He Sold Our Schools off to the Highest Bidder”
Letter from an English Department on the Brink
D.C. To Erase Medical Debt For Thousands Of Residents
In Montana, an Avalanche of Wealth Is Displacing Workers
The Democratic Senator Who Says Liberals Have Lost Their Way on Housing
D.C. Will Only Have Two Open Streets Festivals This Year Due To Budget Constraints
The Circle Of Life
Marjorie Taylor Greene Hijacked Every Minute on 60 Minutes
Elon Musk’s obsession with blue checks is a verified problem
Maryland could pass two big tenant protections in this General Assembly session
Replica Of The Original 9:30 Club Opens In May With A Foo Fighters Show
Near replica of original 9:30 Club opening with Foo Fighters concert
Mosquitos Suck. Here’s How To DIY Your Own Pesticide-Free Trap
Towards a Unified Theory of Posting™
Tennessee GOP begins expulsion process for 3 Democrats, House session devolves into chaos
Tennessee Republicans Are Trying to Expel 3 House Democrats for Siding with Kids on Gun Control
D.C.’s housing fund falls short of requirement to aid lowest-income renters
Do Children Really Need a COVID Vaccine? Recent recommendations by an advisory group to the World Health Organization have been misinterpreted by the public. (even Offit gets it)

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