Links 3/11/23

Links for you. Science:

And You Thought Feral Hogs Were Bad. Fire Ants Have Unleashed Chaos in Texas for Decades.
The Substitutions L50F, E166A, and L167F in SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro Are Selected by a Protease Inhibitor In Vitro and Confer Resistance To Nirmatrelvir
West Virginia, Florida make moves to undermine science education
An inactivated NDV-HXP-S COVID-19 vaccine elicits a higher proportion of neutralizing antibodies in humans than mRNA vaccination
Do SARS-CoV-2 Variants Differ in Their Neuropathogenicity?
Plasmid-Encoded Traits Vary across Environments


But There Was An Affadavit (must-read)
Nebraska conservatives set sights on education takeover
Scott Adams and the right-wing insistence on White victimhood (amazing how he blew himself up over a troll poll by Rasmussen)
DeSantis pushes ban on gender studies at Florida colleges and universities
Our friend made the assertion that In-n-Out is overrated. So as scientists on a stormy day, we needed to test this properly. Let me say up front we regretted this almost as soon as we started.
Mounjaro and Me: Body positivity was my salvation from an anti-fat world. Then I was prescribed an injectable weight-loss drug that upended everything.
He deported thousands of people, then learned he was undocumented
Restaurateurs, Advocates Beg Council To Keep All-Year Outdoor Dining
Dark money and special deals: How Leonard Leo and his friends benefited from his judicial activism: The Federalist Society co-chairman’s lifestyle took a lavish turn after he became Donald Trump’s adviser on judicial nominations.
Independent redistricting may finally come to Ohio—and its supporters aren’t just the usual suspects
Contrary to latest claims, there’s still not a speck of evidence that COVID escaped from a Chinese lab
Handing Over The Ads To Jared
Leave Up the Dining Shacks! They saved restaurants, revived street life, and pointed the way toward a better American city.
‘Our state is at war with our family’: Clergy with trans kids fight back
Pulling The Leash
Ron DeSantis shows how not to run an education system
Can We Make The AI Do Racial Slurs
Trump’s enablers must face consequences, too
Sexual misconduct lawsuit doesn’t sound like CPAC head Matt Schlapp’s only problem
Tenn. governor to restrict drag shows as photo appears to show him in drag
Multi-millionaire with cushy desk job wants you to work until you’re 70
The $130 Million Cell-Phone Scam
An Overlooked Detail in the Scott Adams and Dilbert Story: A look at Rasmussen’s attempt to troll the people it polled.
Supreme Court Accepts Fifth Circuit’s Challenge to Play Jenga with the Federal Budget
NYC Mayor Adams dismisses separation of church and state principle, declares himself ‘a servant of God’
Fox News Told Viewers What They Wanted to Hear Instead of Telling the Truth

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