Links 3/10/23

Links for you. Science:

The Puzzling Gap Between How Old You Are and How Old You Think You Are
Interventions to Reduce Risk for Pathogen Spillover and Early Disease Spread to Prevent Outbreaks, Epidemics, and Pandemics
Broad protective vaccination against systemic Escherichia coli with autotransporter antigens
Metformin Linked to Reductions in COVID-19 Viral Load
Study shows COVID-19 rates were likely forty-times higher than CDC estimates during BA.4/BA.5 dominant period in the U.S. (paper here)
“Common Names” for Notable SARS-CoV-2 Variants: Proposal for a Transparent and Consistent Nicknaming Process to Aid Communication


Who Do You Think Runs San Francisco?
House Republicans want to undermine federal workers’ job protections and put targets on their backs
The beautiful dream life of the centrist Democrat
Crazy Hippies Control Everything
Emboldened by its majority, House GOP turns up heat on federal workers
The War in Ukraine Is the End of a World
Elsewhere At That Fucking Newspaper
Watching Tucker Carlson for Work. According to Kat Abughazaleh, a researcher at Media Matters for America, “You don’t know Fox News until you are watching it for a job.”
Before A Non-Citizen Voting Bill In D.C. Became A Right-Wing Flashpoint, It Had A Long Local History
The Imminent Danger of A.I. Is One We’re Not Talking About
“Women are regarded as a fragile vessel”: Dress code fight a back door to spread Christian theocracy
Tim Scott’s 2024 Pitch Is Only ‘Sunny’ If You Like GOP Dominance
COVID deniers claim a new study says mask mandates don’t work. They should try reading it
‘Something Was Badly Wrong’: When Washington Realized Russia Was Actually Invading Ukraine
The GOP Plays the Race Card with a Train Wreck
Can a Million Chinese People Die and Nobody Know?
Bristling Under Progressive Mayor, St. Louis Police Seek State Takeover
Republican candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court provided ‘great counsel’ for anti-abortion group
How the Biggest Fraud in German History Unravelled
Republican-controlled Florida county with nearly 240K COVID-19 cases bans vaccine
Nebraska State Senator Vows to Filibuster Everything over Anti-trans Bill: Machaela Cavanaugh has threatened to make law-making as painful as possible unless the bill is pulled.
DeSantis would be a catastrophically bad president
The End of the English Major
A simple DIY hoodie can fool security cameras
Radioactive Living — with grand views of San Francisco!
Biden’s new deficit hawk persona has some progressives feeling some bad deja vu

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