Links 12/29/22

Links for you. Science:

Early Estimates of Bivalent mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness in Preventing COVID-19–Associated Emergency Department or Urgent Care Encounters and Hospitalizations Among Immunocompetent Adults — VISION Network, Nine States, September–November 2022
Restriction-modification systems have shaped the evolution and distribution of plasmids across bacteria
New Hope for Horseshoe Crabs — and the Shorebirds That Depend on Them
The World-Changing Race to Develop the Quantum Computer
Mumbai Embraces Its Booming Flamingo Population
Imprinted SARS-CoV-2 humoral immunity induces convergent Omicron RBD evolution


The Year the Pandemic “Ended” (Part 1): A timeline of covid normalization in the US in 2022–must-read
Ticketmaster’s Dark History. A 40-year saga of kickbacks, threats, political maneuvering, and the humiliation of Pearl Jam (GenXers might remember this)
Organized Retail Crime is the Reason Your Pharmacy Sucks. Does NYC Even Have Organized Retail Crime?
Sotomayor and Kagan need to think about retiring (there was a 14 year period where Democrats didn’t control both the presidency and the Senate)
Moving Fast and Breaking Things
At least 77 people died homeless in nation’s capital this year
Who Likes Ron DeSantis Anyway?
Truth Is Reasserting Itself Over Trump’s Lies
Over the Holidays, Try Talking to Your Relatives Like an Anthropologist
Meet the Grinch Stealing Social Security, the Future of Gen Y And Z
Elon Musk was never a liberal, and his plans for Twitter were never benevolent
The Brutal Alternate World in Which the U.S. Abandoned Ukraine
Can Mastodon be a reasonable Twitter substitute for journalists?
Scandal-Struck George Santos Just Revived the Firm That Netted Him Mystery Millions
How the release of Trump’s taxes blows up a big GOP myth
What Elon Musk failed to understand about Twitter
Gay Republican Rep.-elect Santos neglected to mention his 2019 divorce from a woman
The Cassidy Hutchinson transcripts: ‘They will ruin my life’ (Trump lawyers are mob lawyers)
Clean Up On Aisle George Santos: Scandal engulfed Rep.-Elect files paperwork to resurrect the company at the center of his scandal
Joe Biden has launched an economic policy revolution
American Library Association President: Librarians Are Facing Harassment
Faxes and floppy disks: Japan’s bureaucracy needs an upgrade (second paragraph is lol worthy)
Fresh Off a Leading Role in the DCHA Debate, Robert White Wins Housing Committee Chair Over Anita Bonds

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3 Responses to Links 12/29/22

  1. davidlittleboy says:

    While the New Yorker article is behind a paywall, the title largely gives the story away: it thinks that a quantum computer (QC) would be world changing.

    It won’t be.

    1. The main thing it’s claimed to do (break the internet) is false. There were at least two internet security algorithms/methods that were quantum-computer proof before Shor discovered Shor’s algorithm (in 1994). There are many more now.

    2. Shor’s algorithm is seriously kewl (if you are a number theorist), but there won’t be a quantum computer capable of running it in our lifetimes.

    3. There aren’t very many other things it can do. And the other things are nowhere near as interesting as Shor’s algorithm. Grover’s algorithm (1996) is polynomial, not exponential speedup. Much of the other stuff is an application of Shor or Grover. Or using a quantum computer to simulate quantum gates or quantum effects.

    4. Quantum computers don’t scale the way the transistor did. And the noise and decoherence problems mean you need both many times as many physical qubits as your algorithm requires and QC algorithms that finish really quickly.

    5. The hype is off the wall. See the “Not Even Wrong” blog for details on the recent wormhole/quantum computer nonsense. (Long story short: a QC was used to run a simulation that had already been run (and run much faster) on a classical computer.)

  2. What’s the big deal about Elon Musk being a liberal? Or not being a liberal? It seems to be that people put too much on labels. & some of us have liberal attitudes on some subjects & conservative attitudes on other subjects & so neither label adheres to us. It’s about time we stopped with this labeling of people & trying to put them into stupid boxes. Identity politics has ruined this country. It’s not about who or what you identity as, it’s about who you ARE.

  3. hipparchia says:

    sotomayor and kagan need to just turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to all the whinging dudez who are never going to forgive rbg for dying.

    they could be directing their noise and energy at clarence thomas for sure, and probably at the “settled law” and “stare decisis” liars for good measure. they could be holding teach-ins and organizing for expanding the court to 13 — we’ve got the senate and the white house for 2 more years; it’s doable.

    but noooo… dudes, no matter what their actual or self-proclaimed political leanings are, will *always* see liberal and progressive women as roadblocks to be removed.

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