Links 12/24/22

Links for you. Science:

‘Space hurricanes’ swirling over the Earth surprise scientists
Tiny urban woodlands, big biodiversity
RSV wave hammers hospitals — but vaccines and treatments are coming
Notes from the Field: Burkholderia pseudomallei Detected in a Raccoon Carcass Linked to a Multistate Aromatherapy-Associated Melioidosis Outbreak — Texas, 2022
Surprise! Snakes Have Clitorises
Long Covid’s Effects Go Beyond Respiratory Issues


No One Wants Your Cold
DeSantis reverses himself on coronavirus vaccines, moves to right of Trump
How a hard-working, middle-class family spiraled into homelessness
Can politics kill you? Research says the answer increasingly is yes.
Russia’s calamity in Ukraine was result of bad planning, repeated failures — and Putin’s folly
“Putin’s Chef”: The Man Behind Russia’s Shadow Army
Why parents are struggling to get hospital beds for kids with flu and RSV. Pediatric inpatient beds lose money. But as hospitals cut back on such beds, they weaken their capacity to handle surges of sick children.
What comes next for the most empty downtown in America
Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Is The Nuanced Latine Representation We Crave
Never Over-Estimate James Cameron
Have You Forgotten Him? How the POW/MIA flag took over America
Is the Next Tina Fey a Bot?
The Power and Peril of the ICU
Why the New York Times Needs to be Held Accountable
COVID-19 fears are keeping people out of the workforce, in a stereotype-busting way
Working Parents Are Overwhelmed as Kids Get Sick Again and Again
Drag Queens Were Targeted by the Proud Boys. Whom Did the Police Support?
Why Didn’t More Reporters See This Coming? How SBF sweet-talked the media.
Twitter’s Rivals Try to Capitalize on Musk-Induced Chaos
Who convinced Donald Trump that Trump NFTs were a good idea?
Opposition to School Vaccine Mandates Has Grown Significantly, Study Finds. A third of parents now feel they should be the ones to decide whether to get their children immunized against measles, mumps and other childhood diseases. (FAFO)
13 predictions for tech platforms in 2023
A Fifth of American Adults Struggle to Read. Why Are We Failing to Teach Them?
Twitter Is Now Elon’s Personal Harassment Engine

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