Links 12/19/22

Links for you. Science:

Scientists Have Designed a ‘Vagina on a Chip’
Convergent adaptation of true crabs (Decapoda: Brachyura) to a gradient of terrestrial environments
A Field at a Crossroads: Genetics and Racial Mythmaking
Nasal spray Covid-19 vaccine co-developed by Hong Kong scientists approved for emergency use in mainland China in ‘historic breakthrough’
This week in outbreaks
#ClimateScam: denialism claims flooding Twitter have scientists worried. Many researchers are fleeing the platform, unnerved by the surge in climate misinformation since Musk’s chaotic takeover


Why Is Twitter Shutting Down Chinese Activists’ Accounts?
The Legal System Is Completely Unprepared for Apple AirTag Stalking
NYC public libraries say proposed budget cuts may ‘push us over the edge’
COVID Trend That Spelled Big Trouble in 2020 Is Back
White Supremacist Mizzou Student: “If They Would Have Killed 4 More N*****s We Would Have Had the Whole Week Off” (Turning Point USA chapter president…)
Here’s why Elon Musk is the worst kind of boss
The Case for Mask Mandates
Is America Still on the Path to Authoritarianism?
Airbnb Is Running Riot in Small-Town America. The company sent cities scrambling to clamp down on short-term rentals. Now resort towns are feeling the pinch.
Crypto Was Always Smoke and Mirrors. The fall of FTX shocked everyone. Except this guy.
The Committee To Save The World
D.C. Board Of Elections Tosses Out Campaign Finance Complaint Against Elissa Silverman
Congressman Brad Sherman on crypto: It’s all an embarrassing scam, an ‘electronic pet rock.’
Jan. 6 Staffers Prepare for All-Out Republican Assault
Their silence is deafening: Stars including Gisele and Tom, Larry David and Shaquille O’Neal who took SBF’s cash to advertise his doomed FTX crypto exchange say nothing as he’s arrested and charged
Musk’s ugly attack on Fauci shows how right-wing info warfare works
Russian Trolls Made Fake Kid Rock Fan Accounts — and Fooled Donald Trump Jr.
Rep. Rick Allen Shared ‘Wild’ Romanian YouTube Conspiracy Theories As He Challenged The 2020 Election
How SBF Allegedly Did It
Even after COVID, the world’s vaccine strategy is failing
Will Kevin McCarthy Face the Loss of His Speakership Every Day?
The Root Cause of Violent Crime Is Not What We Think It Is
Why America Is Getting Tough on Trade
Hundreds of Oath Keepers Have Worked for DHS, Leaked List Shows
COVID treatments and prevention are still improving – so the longer you can avoid it the better

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