All I Want for Christmas…

…well, being Jewish, it’s akshually Hanukah (which started last night! Gut Yontif!).

Anyway, to help out overworked staff and limit the hospitalization of sick children, it would be great if people wore high-quality* masks in public indoor places, got tested immediately before private get-togethers**, and did what they could to be to up-to-date on their COVID boosters and flu shots. It’s not too late (admittedly, the vaccines won’t fully kick in until New Year’s if you get them right now, but that’s better than nothing).

It’s clear that, other than the occasional release of free tests, the Biden administration isn’t going to do a fucking thing, so it’s up to us to protect each other.

*The best mask is the one you’ll actually wear, but KN95s or, even better, N95s provide good protection, not just to others, but to you (and even better protection to others).

**Epidemiologist Tara Smith has been recounting on various social media how COVID is sweeping through her extended family after someone who had ‘only a cold’ (i.e., no fever) and said they tested negative–five days before the event–got everyone sick. If you’re going to visit someone, take the test before you leave, and realize that mild cold symptoms (or gastrointestinal issues) can be symptoms of COVID.

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  1. Don’t forget KF94 (the Korean version)– they are often better than KN95 (@masknerd independently tests many brands at better than 94–94 is the minimum required by the Korean government) and often more comfortable. We’ve been enjoying the fun designs of POSH masks from

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