Links 12/18/22

Links for you. Science:

How synonymous mutations alter enzyme structure and function over long timescales
Fusion energy breakthrough by US scientists boosts clean power hopes. Net energy gain indicates technology could provide an abundant zero-carbon alternative to fossil fuels
The New Obesity Breakthrough Drugs
Invasive puffers could spread to Black Sea via Mediterranean
Apparent risks of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome diagnoses after COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-Cov-2 Infection
The Race to Save Medical Research


How Pro Wrestling Explains American Politics. To Understand America, Look To The Body Slam
Annotated COVID hospitalization data
Elon Musk Gets Viciously Booed by Stadium Crowd at Dave Chappelle Show
Freedom of reach IS freedom of speech
He’s a complicated man, but no one understands him but his woman
The ethics and pragmatics of boycotts
2022 was a bad year for MAGA Republicans: Here are the GOP’s 5 biggest faceplants
Cause of death: Washington faltered as fentanyl gripped America
Ten years ago I found the best classified ad I had ever seen in Oklahoma City.
Where Are Your Gods Now
My Crypto Confession: Sam Bankman-Fried was a member of two cults: one I have criticized, and one I belong to.
Bong Hits For Plutus
A $100 Billion Lesson In Why Building Public Transportation Is So Expensive in the US
Some Shortcuts to Giving Mastodon a Try
Rail Companies Can’t Handle Traffic From Mississippi River Drought. Low water levels have pushed shippers who typically use river barges to use freight rail. But decades of strangled capacity makes rail a bad bet, too.
Elon Musk Is a Far-Right Activist
Elon Musk Gets Viciously Booed by Stadium Crowd at Dave Chappelle Show
I posited the concept of what I termed, ‘population cyclical immune dysregulation’ in one of these reports. This was a *speculation* on my part, a worse-case scenario that was low-probability but high-risk. (about COVID)
Kyrsten Sinema Is Playing Chicken: Going independent is a way to force Democrats to back her.
Inside the secret $32M effort to stop ‘Stop the Steal’
Why do all these conservatives keep demanding pictures of some guy’s cock?
If you think health care is dysfunctional now, just wait until after January 1
Transformative decision a half-century ago to scrap I-95 extension still resonates in Boston today
‘It Doesn’t Hurt at All’: In China’s New Covid Strategy, Vaccines Matter

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  1. scottfree43 says:

    That story about a fusion breakthrough is 99.73% smoke and mirror spin. It has nothing at all to do with renewable energy in our lifetimes. The misleading spin can only be an excuse to slow the pursuit of real decarbonization solutions..


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