Links 11/20/22

Links for you. Science:

Women could be at higher risk for long COVID, according to new research
Improved Neutralization of Omicron BA.4/5, BA.4.6, BA.2.75.2, BQ.1.1, and XBB.1 with Bivalent BA.4/5 Vaccine
Turtles Have Been Vocalizing All This Time. Why Did We Not Listen?
Measles outbreak jumps to 7 Ohio daycares, 1 school—all with unvaccinated kids (I think it’s now up to 22)
It’s Really, Really Worth Trying to Avoid Getting COVID Multiple Times
Pathogen spillover driven by rapid changes in bat ecology


The Bird App Will Be Gone And We Will All Be Free
Who Should Write the Post’s D.C. Editorials Now? Jo-Ann Armao, a longtime nemesis to progressive voters and causes in D.C., is retiring on Friday. Here are our ideas for who could replace her.
Exit Poll: 2022 Voters Supported Democratic Policies to Address Inflation, Including Holding Corporations Accountable and Investing in American Manufacturing
In largest strike of 2022, California academic workers walk off job
Sam Bankman-Fried oversaw FTX’s meltdown, and the fallout is reaching DC (akshually Wor-Shing-Tun, D.C., not so much)
Elon Musk runs 3 companies — and his executive juggling act is the perfect example of how the modern CEO job is broken
The GOP is having a civil war in Georgia. Let’s turn that into a win for Warnock
Understanding and Addressing Long COVID
Without Congressional Action, Lafayette Square and January 6th Can Happen Again
Time to start busting trusts again
Liz Cheney Is Not the Hero Some Democrats Want Her to Be
Sam Bankman-Fried tries to explain himself
DHS blocked vital research on domestic threats, say terrorism experts
The Rural Turnaround. Democrats have only begun to do better in rural America—but the road map is there.
GOP Authoritarianism Isn’t Going Away After the Midterms
We Already Have Laws to Stop Crypto Fraud. Forget Washington’s urgency to design a regulatory regime for crypto. It’s better to treat it like any other illegal operation.
Radicalize the Swifties. Step 1: Turn pissed-off Taylor Swift fans into antitrust hipsters. Step 2: Break up Ticketmaster.
How Arizona’s Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs Beat Crazytown
Texas woman almost dies because she couldn’t get an abortion
Saudi Arabia funneling ‘billions’ to Trump family as former president launches comeback
House of Horrors: The Marjorie Taylor Greene Congress Is Upon Us
What that Report Purportedly Authenticating the “Hunter Biden” “Laptop” Really Said
Republicans learned nothing from the midterms: The impeachment of Philly’s prosecutor proves it
Anti-abortion groups don’t think they lost the midterms

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