Links 11/19/22

Links for you. Science:

If bumblebees can play, does it mean they have feelings? This study suggests yes
Two Philadelphia doctors explain why COVID boosters are necessary. They are similar to what happens each year with influenza vaccines, which are made new each year, customized to protect against the flu variants we are most likely to encounter.
New purifier may cut airborne Covid by 10x
Viral video reveals entire alligator inside Burmese python’s stomach in Florida
Maricopa County health officials report 1 case of dengue, offer free at-home tests
What does long covid treatment look like for kids? Too few clinics are trying to figure it out.


How to Fix the Pathetic Florida Democratic Party. To reverse their dismal midterm election performance, Florida Democrats need to embrace working people, the environment and Unite Here.
Young Doctors Demonstrate Outside D.C.’s Children’s National Amidst Surge In Respiratory Viruses
Mary Cheh’s Senior Hunger Bill is Back on Track, Following a Sudden Reversal from Anita Bonds
D.C. Gets Federal Funds To Help Homeless Students. But Many Schools In Need Are Shortchanged
D.C. Housing Authority Illegally Contracted With Software Company, Internal Audit Finds
Democratic Myopia About Rural America Cost the Party a House Seat It Could Have Won
Dead Ascending a Staircase: New York City’s $200 million suicide machine
What Trump vs. DeSantis says about the future of the American right
Elon Musk Fires Twitter Employees Who Criticized Him
What Makes a Great Star Wars: Andor, prestige television, and the elements of greatness
‘Where the Gallatin nursing home failed, and failed multiple times’: What may have led to big COVID outbreak
Deaf and hard of hearing Gallaudet’s drive to Division III playoffs
Enemies of Democracy Should Fear the American Voter
Defund the SEC
In largest strike of 2022, California academic workers walk off job
How did Gascón end up launching a criminal probe sparked by far-right election conspiracy theories?
The Dolly Moment: Why We Stan A Post-Racism Queen
The New York establishment is beating up on AOC. It should be looking in the mirror. New York Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for their setbacks in the U.S. House.
They’re coming for contraception. They’re coming for IVF. The anti-abortion movement isn’t slowing down. They’re coming for you.
Democrats must make this lame duck session count, even if it means cutting Thanksgiving break short
Biden officials worry pandemic exhaustion could lead to bad covid winter
I put together an explainer about what makes antisemitism such a unique and insidious form of prejudice.
UC officials call for mediator as strike by 48,000 academic workers causes systemwide disruptions
Mushroom House (1992-2006), Cincinnati, OH

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