Links 9/30/22

Links for you. Science:

‘Honorary authors’ of scientific papers abound—but they probably shouldn’t
Rates of Monkeypox Cases by Vaccination Status
Should I still be worried about monkeypox?
The CIA Just Invested in Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Technology. While skeptics doubt the prospects for de-extinction, the CIA’s venture capital firm deems powerful genetic manipulation tools worth the money.
High-performance long-read assay enables contiguous data with N50 of 6–7 kb on existing Illumina platforms
SARS-CoV-2 furin cleavage site was not engineered (good rebuttal to Jeffrey Sachs et alia)


Trump-backed Joe Kent accused of spreading conspiracy theories by calling Covid vaccine ‘experimental gene therapy’
Making a Meltdown: What Role Did Federal Prosecutors Play in Unraveling D.C.’s Crime Lab? (statehood matters for D.C., not just control of Congress)
Dark Brandon Was Put On This Earth To Mint The Trillion Dollar Coin
‘I hate a black f**king Democrat,’ white North Carolina sheriff says before firing Black staff
The Claimed 200,000 Pages Trump Stole Include Press Clippings
Fluteghazi Is Dumb Even for These Reactionary Halfwits
Dangerous new threats from Trump loyalists require Democrats to act
Biden is punting on COVID relief for the third time
Ron DeSantis’s Race Problem
The COVID-19 Booster’s Public Relations Problem
Are DC’s encampment engagements effective?
We have a way to end the opioid epidemic, but not the will
Doug Mastriano is holding an event with Jack Posobiec, who has collaborated with neo-Nazis and spread antisemitism
A harsh ad hitting Herschel Walker shows a way forward for Democrats
In West Texas, Fort Stockton’s solution to a teacher shortage is a motel. The rural Fort Stockton school district is paying big money for teachers and sweetening the deal with low-cost housing.
The accusations against Brett Favre are not just another NFL scandal
D.C. To Offer Childhood Vaccinations At Five Free Clinics Starting Monday
“My Brother Is So Far Gone”: How Male Influencers Turned The Men In These People’s Lives Toxic
Natural Disasters
Purple Line study: Without help, light-rail line will bring gentrification
The Republicans Are Coming After Biden’s Student Debt Relief Plan
D.C. Has A Lead Pipe Problem. A New Report Recommends Lawmakers Mandate Their Removal
Stunning Twist

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