Links 8/21/22

Links for you. Science:

Sneeze by Sneeze, Sponges Fill the Seas With Their Mucus
Tens of thousands of people exposed to bat coronaviruses each year
The COVID lab leak theory is dead. Here’s how we know the virus came from a Wuhan market
Experts debunk monkeypox myths as misinformation spreads
America’s New Monkeypox Strategy Rests on a Single Study. Will splitting monkeypox vaccines in five work out?
The past, present, and future of antibiotics


The Pandemic’s Soft Closing. The CDC’s latest COVID guidelines are the closest the nation’s leaders have come to saying the coronavirus crisis is done. (must-read)
A reaction to the CDC guidance (very good)
The Case for Going After Trump
Election deniers march toward power in key 2024 battlegrounds
Europe’s Energy Crisis May Get a Lot Worse
The January 6 Insurrection was Powered By Social Media. So why has there been no move to require Big Tech to take responsibility for spreading the lies that make right-wing partisans ever more extreme?
Democrats are hammering Republicans as ‘too extreme’ on abortion in state after state
Trump Can’t Envision a Government Less Corrupt Than He Is
‘Living with Covid’ should be countered by containing the virus once and for all
80% of US Voters Across Party Lines Support Expanding Social Security
The Right Embraces Terrorism, And We Should Say So. There Is No Daylight Between Violent Extremism And The GOP
Police Used a Baby’s DNA to Investigate Its Father for a Crime
The Untold History of the Biden Family. Relatively little has been known about the President’s father, whose story reveals a family’s fraught relationship with money, class, and alcohol.
Some D.C. Homeowners See Skyrocketing Property Tax Bills After Houses Declared Vacant (failure of governance)
Judge rescinds decision vacating seat just one day after Biden announces historic Latino nominee
Diner Safaris In Biden Country
Antisemitism Once More
Substack Retaliates Against FOREVER WARS Editor
AT&T workers fight return to office push: ‘We can do the same job from home’
The fabulously wealthy are fueling a booming luxury ranch market out West
Moechella Organizers Lose Trademark Dispute, But Go-Go Lives On
Myths & Misunderstandings Relating to Mar-a-Lago Documents Investigation
A Response to Jack Goldsmith

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