Links 7/24/22

Links for you. Science:

For 500 days, a Connecticut patient has had COVID – and three unknown variants
A Whale Feeding Frenzy in Antarctica Signals a Conservation Success
Long COVID and symptom trajectory in a representative sample of Americans in the first year of the pandemic
Meet the Giant Sequoia, the ‘Super Tree’ Built to Withstand Fire
Front-Runners in the Race for Variant-Proof and All-Coronavirus Vaccines
COVID-19 pandemic fuels largest continued backslide in vaccinations in three decades


First Deformed: The church of the poisoned mind
The Case for Age Limits in American Politics. We’ve always had a minimum age to serve in Congress. How about a max?
The first post-Roe vote to protect abortion rights is in Kansas, and we can win it
Maryland GOP Nominates ‘Big Lie’ Proponent Dan Cox for Governor
“Pro-Life” Idaho Republicans Declare Women Should Be Left to Die to Save Fetuses
The Jan. 6 Committee Met with the Guy Who Facilitated the Oval Office Crackpot Summit
Brett Kavanaugh’s neighbors: For abortion rights but tired of protests
Drop-box surveillance, central to CSPOA-Trumpist strategy, already happening in Seattle area
A Woman Who Claimed Picking Up Dollar Bill Led to Fentanyl Overdose Is Refuted by Experts
The Biden administration has dropped the ball on vaccine development
Progressives Have Abandoned Haredi Children
Republicans block taking up Senate bill to guarantee freedom to travel across states for abortions
Do We Really Need to Appreciate Coup Expertise?
The book ban movement has a chilling new tactic: harassing teachers on social media
At Long Last
Inflation: A Revolution of Falling Expectations
‘I’m Calling About Your Auto Warranty’: FCC Says No More, Orders Spam Block
Sticking Up For Themselves
Gun Control? Birth Control? The Republican Party Wants Sex Control.
More Than A Dozen Artists Lose Studios At Torpedo Factory After New Selection Process
Fairfax County Public Library to shorten hours, citing recruitment challenges
Recession: medicine that’s worse than the disease

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  1. ronzie9 says:

    The spam block on the car warranty calls is nice, but how about punishing the credit reporting agencies for selling our info to the scammers?

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