Sensible Democrats Are So Close

But still not getting it. In response to the anger by ‘activists’ rank-and-file Democrats over the Biden administration’s mealymouth and slow response* to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, former Obama White House official Jennifer Palmieri has thoughts (boldface mine):

For Jennifer Palmieri, a White House communications director under Obama, the criticism was never fair to begin with. “Republicans gamed the system, and they got two Supreme Court justices they shouldn’t have, and those people had a 40-year plan to overturn Roe and they did it. And to continue to blame Biden for the fact that more Americans didn’t vote for Democrats is an epic example of missing the forest,” she said.

“We are in such a bigger fight than what the president of the United States can deliver, and if you’re thinking that it can be solved by a president taking any action in the course of the two weeks after the decision, then you’re not appreciating what a big fight it is and what a precarious moment it is,” Palmieri added.

So who among Democrats is at fault here? (Republicans obviously, but there is no balm in Gilead to heal those sin-sick souls, so let’s not waste our time on them). The ‘left’ construed somewhat broadly has not run the party for the last three decades. It has been the supposed moderates, among whom number President Biden. Where was their strategy to stop conservative domination of the courts? (which assumes they think said dominance is a bad thing–some of them likely don’t!). I mean, it was Biden, back in the day, who helped Thomas, arguably the craziest of the bunch, get on the Supreme Court. And you can’t blame the voters for not turning out–that’s your job!

I say we blame people who were small children and teenagers when much of this was set in motion. That will work…

*It seems like the administration has issued some good executive orders and rules, but, on the other hand, people who perform abortions don’t seem that encouraged, so we’ll have to see whether those orders mean anything.

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