Links 7/14/22

Links for you. Science:

Boston researchers may have found biomarker for long COVID
Scientists Discover Dinosaur Species With Short Arms
Amazon deforestation hits new record in Brazil
NASA unveils first images from James Webb Space Telescope
Lobsters Are Not Immortal but the Myth That They Are Seems to Be
In N.Y.C. Apartments, the Ants Go Marching Up. Like many ambitious New Yorkers, the ManhattAnt is a social climber.


The Political Science Story
Outrage Erupts as White House Calls Abortion Rights Activists ‘Out of Step’
The Kids Today
Democrats Must Announce a Changing of the Guard
Sore Winners
If Herschel Walker wins in Georgia, America will have lost its mind
Toddlers With Strawberry Ice Cream All Over Their Faces

Uber’s Vision of the Future, Built with the Strong-Arm Tactics of Old-Time Robber Barons
What happened after Pete Buttigieg went on Fox News Sunday
Trump’s Call for the Mob to Descend on the Capitol Was Not Spontaneous
The Play
FDR’s Lesson About The Supreme Court Rampage
Rhode Island Progressives Push for Takeover of State Democratic Party
Buckraking: Did A Medical Monopolist Buy Off CNN?
What Happened to Michael Flynn?
Accountability should never yield to the passage of time
Biden reduced US military involvement worldwide. Antiwar critics still won’t give him credit
What Happens When Abortion is Criminalized
The Self-Fulfilling Prophecies of Clarence Thomas
My rural Kentucky county is awash in guns. Where does that leave me?
There Is No Constitutional Right to Eat Dinner

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