Links 7/2/22

Links for you. Science:

Monkeypox: What We Do and Don’t Know About Recent Outbreaks
Donkeys are livestock guardians in up north battle with gray wolves
Expect an Omicron Booster This Fall. COVID vaccines haven’t transitioned to annual shots like the flu vaccine, but regular boosters will likely continue.
How better pandemic and epidemic intelligence will prepare the world for future threats
First record of functional underground traps in a pitcher plant: Nepenthes pudica (Nepenthaceae), a new species from North Kalimantan, Borneo
Miners, drug traffickers and loggers: Is Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park on the verge of collapse?


Sam Alito’s woman problem (must-read)
The “Vote Blue” Myth: Democrats are rehashing the failed approach of the Obama era to avoid confronting the Supreme Court. (very good)
Attorney General Ken Paxton says he will defend Texas sodomy law if Supreme Court revisits Lawrence vs. Texas
Grand Bargaining (important)
Outcomes In Most D.C. Primary Races Remain Unchanged After More Ballots Counted, But Overall Turnout Jumps
Trump supporters raced to debunk Jan. 6 testimony. Then they got confused.
When Security Locks You Out of Everything
When Brazil Banned Abortion Pills, Women Turned to Drug Traffickers. With Roe v. Wade overturned, states banning abortion are looking to prevent the distribution of abortion medication. Brazil shows the possible consequences.
Ultra-MAGA (short and the last sentence is lol worthy)
Big Surprise In A Red Congressional District In Nebraska Augurs Well For Dems In November (and Howie Klein usually isn’t an optimist)
Florida Republicans turn school elections into new political battlegrounds
The Effing President Gets His Comeuppance
The roots of Trumpism: What the January 6 committee won’t reveal
What We Own This City Gets Wrong about Policing
Manhattan is a playground for TikTok
The Other Cancel Culture: How a Public University Is Bowing to a Conservative Crusade
In a doctor’s suspicion after a miscarriage, a glimpse of expanding medical mistrust
Democrats Finally Figured Out Their Post-Dobbs Message
J.B. Pritzker’s Grasp of Politics 101 Shouldn’t Feel Like a Breath of Fresh Air, But Here We Are
Elmo gets coronavirus shot, sparks another Muppet feud with Ted Cruz
Bernie Sanders calls on Buttigieg to take action amid flight delays, cancellations

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