Links 7/1/22

Links for you. Science:

What causes long COVID? Canadian researchers think they’ve found a key clue
Comparing the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines for young children
Antibiotic-Resistant ‘Superbug’ Now Widespread in Pigs, Can Jump to Humans (paper here)
Immunogenicity and Safety of Beta-Adjuvanted Recombinant Booster Vaccine
Inflation and NIH Research Project Grants
The IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF cytokine triad is associated with post-acute sequelae of COVID-19


The judicial politics of bad faith
If At First You Don’t Succeed, Find a Conservative Judge Who Will Decide You Succeeded
Abortion Centrism
Joe Manchin is quietly pushing Democrats into another catastrophe
Griswold Is Not About ‘Contraception.’ It’s About the Right to Privacy.
The Supreme Court hands the religious right a big victory by lying about the facts of a case
Hope The Heart Shaped Box Of Chocolates Was Nice
Cassidy Hutchinson’s surprise Jan. 6 testimony exposes the violence that fuels Trumpism
Send Money And Vote
Fears of drugged drinks at Boston bars are widespread and growing
We’re All The Schiavos Now
The Far-Right Is Fearmongering About Abortion Activists Attacking Churches
Lauren Boebert Baffled by ‘Bricks’ Belonging to a Construction Site
A Far Right Law Enforcement Movement Is Fueling The Effort To Infiltrate Voting Machines
Is It Good To Wait Until Women Are Dying To Treat Them? Views Differ
What I Mean When I Say ‘Ban Cars’: Somehow, every discussion about reducing our automobile dependency gets turned into a “war on cars.” The only option left is to reclaim the language.
1955 warrant in Emmett Till case found, family seeks arrest (we arrest Nazis from WWII…)
Fourth of July Flight Cancellation Hell
D.C. Approves Bill Allowing Vaccines For Some Minors Without Parental Consent
This Is How We Reach The Yutes
The number of vehicle-into-building crashes may be much higher than previously thought

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  1. adameran says:

    The search for an agreeable judge has gone on for a long time. One reason the Kochs are so antigovernmental is that Rockefellers (Standard Oil) stole their patented refining techniques, and the court wouldn’t convict them. Turns out Rockefeller bribed the judge…and Fred finally prevailed. That bit of corruption has cost us all dearly.

    In fact, Sarah Chaye’s book about corruption goes into some detail about the current corruption. A Virginia governor received free plane rides, a $75,000 shopping spree, etc. The lower courts convicted him of corruption. The SCOTUS *unanimously* let him off the hook. Legalized bribery is apparently how we conduct public policy now.

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