Links 6/21/22

Links for you. Science:

Invasive fire ants could be controlled by viruses, scientists say
New Mexico county certifies election results, bowing to court order
This Styrofoam-eating ‘superworm’ could help solve the garbage crisis
Please, don’t build another Large Hadron Collider
The World Can’t Keep Fishing Like This
A wild hope: Two decades after it disappeared in nature, the stunning blue Spix’s macaw will be reintroduced to its forest home


A Hotter, Poorer, and Less Free America
Anti-Worker Judges and the D.C. Circuit. Biden’s judicial nominees for the second-most important court have troubling records when it comes to working people.
How the Republican war on the administrative state will cook the planet
As crypto crashes, this Boston company’s ‘stablecoin’ holds steady
The Coming War On Abortion Drugs
Where have Boston’s children gone?
Charlie Baker hasn’t fixed the MBTA. Why should we think he can fix Boston’s schools?
Buttigieg meets with airline executives amid fresh round of delays
Despite What Pundits Claim, Most Elections Don’t Tell Us Much of Anything About America. The message from most elections is “Americans Still Disengaged From What the Political Class Spends Its Life Yammering About.”
“What Is A Woman?” Is a Feature-Length Exploration of Conservative Ignorance and Prejudice
The Open Secret of Google Search. One of the most-used tools on the internet is not what it used to be.
The Dangers of Praising Mike Pence and Liz Cheney
Far right’s latest conspiracy fad ties ordinary food-factory fires to plot, with Tucker leading way
The Left Keeps Warning You That Centrist Democrats Are A Disaster
Our Cities Are Going Dark. The rise of the venture capital-backed delivery economy demands a cross-sector pushback.
Silicon Valley’s Horrible Bosses: Dispatches From the Elon Musk School of Management
Building and maintaining friendships as an academic
How many restaurants closed from the pandemic? Here’s our best estimate.
Portland: Sobering Lessons in Untying the Knot of a Homeless Crisis
Trump’s Team Setting Up Eastman to Take Blame for Jan. 6
DFER Is Absent From the Ward 5 Race, But Finance Reports Offer Clues To Which Candidate Ed Reformers Prefer
It’s Been a Bad Month for the Donald Trump Innocence Project

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  1. I don’t think restaurants closed from the pandemic as much as they are currently closing from the high cost of food & everything else you need to run an establishment. Just recently, several places closed here in Buffalo, one place that had been in business for over thirty years, had a fabulous location & was a great favorite. I think the attitude is, after two years of this, the current high costs of everything is just too much to endure.

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