It’s Not the Jumping, It’s the Landing

Over the last couple of days, there has been a spate of articles about tiny little frogs (smol!) that don’t jump like normal frogs because their small size means that the structures in the ear aren’t well developed and therefore can’t help the smol frogs balance.

But as you’ll see below, the problem isn’t the jumping–for their body size, they’re doing great! Good job smol frog!–it’s the landing:

This post was largely an excuse for me to post a video of smol frogs wiping out. Which probably makes me a horrible person.

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  1. The reason why they can’t land right is fascinating. They’re literally too small to have a functional accelerometer (– tho’ it seems like insects, most of which are smaller than these frogs, get round that limitation somehow?). But, by the same token as they are too small to land, they are also too small to hurt themselves; so it’s all good.

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