Links 6/16/22

Links for you. Science:

Legendary bacterial evolution experiment enters new era: A laboratory has been growing 12 populations of E. coli since 1988 — this year the cultures will get a new custodian.
UCSF’s Wachter says his wife now likely has long COVID and her health is ‘not great’
F.D.A. Approves Alopecia Drug That Restores Hair Growth in Many Patients
The microbial ecology of Escherichia coli in the vertebrate gut
COVID and smell loss: answers begin to emerge
Ozette: The US’ lost 2,000-year-old village


Long Covid Is Showing Up in the Employment Data. More Americans in and out of the labor force are having trouble remembering and concentrating, a common Covid-19 aftereffect.
Barry Loudermilk Should Be Thrown Out of Congress If He Refuses to Speak to the January 6 Committee
All The Greatest Minds
Tension over role of racism in public health strains Va. agency under Youngkin (Republicans are worse)
Trump supporters are victims of the Big Lie scam — but you don’t have to feel sorry for them
The dark triad
How aggressively should liberals attack the Supreme Court?
How Houston Moved 25,000 People From the Streets Into Homes of Their Own
Synagogue challenges Florida abortion law over religion
In a Mailer, Anita Bonds Claimed An Endorsement from Someone Backing Her Opponent
Can the Fed Kill This Inflation Without Killing Too Many Other Things First?
Meet the head of D.C.’s new Office of Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing
The Ginni Thomas Jan. 6 scandal keeps getting worse. But there’s a silver lining. Thomas’ emails to Arizona lawmakers is a reminder of the Supreme Court’s vulnerability to corruption and conflict of interest.
Race for D.C. Council chair means first explaining: What’s council chair?
Accomplices to a coup: Trump’s lackeys must be held to account for the Big Lie
Trump Knew Exactly What He Was Doing on Jan. 6
Senate Feminist Spends Last Days of ‘Roe’ Shilling for Crypto Bros
Why is American administrative capacity in decline? Some speculative hypotheses
Andrée Geulen, rescuer of the Jewish children of Belgium, dies at 100
Notes on a mask-less world: Mask-lessness is becoming contagious and normalised in a world that is far from “normal”.

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