Links 6/17/22

Links for you. Science:

Are these Cocoa Krispies-loving hamsters a key to cracking long Covid?
Monkeypox dilemma: How to warn gay men about risk without fueling hate
Mild respiratory COVID can cause multi-lineage neural cell and myelin dysregulation
How Animals Perceive the World
Covid is making flu and other common viruses act in unfamiliar ways
School Masking Policies and Secondary SARS-CoV-2 Transmission


Long COVID Could Be a ‘Mass Deterioration Event’
The Real Villain in the Gentrification Story. It’s not young, upwardly mobile college grads.
The inflation rate has been declining for the past year
Biden’s New Pandemic Plan Could Shift Control From the CDC to the White House and Disease Experts Aren’t Happy
GOP Candidate Carl Paladino Calls Adolf Hitler ‘The Kind Of Leader We Need Today’
Installing Rooftop Solar Can Be a Breeze. Just Look at Australia.
A visualization of DC Council candidates’ responses to our endorsement questionnaire
‘Testing bottleneck’ for monkeypox puts hope of containment at risk, experts warn
The Other Cause of January 6: Without the Electoral College, America would never have come so close to an overthrow of its government.
It’s Impossible to Find Swimming Lessons Right Now. You’re not imagining it! (gotta raise interest rates by another 0.75% then…)
The debate over Democrats and crime is disastrously confused
How many Covid deaths are acceptable? Some Biden officials tried to guess. Conversations about what Americans would tolerate didn’t go too far, underscoring the difficulty of explaining when the pandemic will end.
Inside a Corporate Culture War Stoked by a Crypto C.E.O. (what a horrible person)
San Francisco’s poverty rate is 10%; Detroit’s is 33%. San Francisco’s unemployment rate is 3%; Detroit’s is 20%. Yet, San Francisco’s homelessness rate is a whopping 3 times higher than Detroit’s. Why? If you want to understand homelessness, follow the rent
Judicial Supremacy
Why the Hell Isn’t Mike Pence Testifying at the January 6 Hearing?
Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte is missing, and we can only hope he’s not hiking the Appalachian Trail
I WILL FIGHT FOR YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU (“The point I’ve been trying to make is that Dem politicians prefer a world in which they are the sole actors in the Dem-leaning political space.”)
Poland Shows the Risks for Women When Abortion Is Banned. Poland’s abortion ban has had many unintended consequences. One is that doctors are sometimes afraid to remove fetuses or administer cancer treatment to save women’s lives.
When Cities Made Monuments to Traffic Deaths. A century ago, cars killed pedestrians and cyclists in record numbers. As traffic deaths rise again, it’s time to remember how US cities once responded to this safety crisis.
Abortions Increase in the U.S., Reversing a 30-Year Decline, Report Finds. A new survey of the nation’s abortion providers found increases in every region of the country from 2017 to 2020.

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