Links 6/13/22

Links for you. Science:

The effects of contracting Covid‑19 on cognitive failures at work: implications for task performance and turnover intentions (very important)
Megalodons vs. Great White Sharks? We Know Which Predator Won.
A Negative COVID Test Has Never Been So Meaningless. A string of negatives can still presage a clear-as-day positive.
‘Fantastic giant tortoise,’ believed extinct, confirmed alive in the Galápagos
SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak at a College with High COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage—Connecticut, August–September 2021
‘Helicopter research’ comes under fire at Cape Town conference: Statement presses for equity when scientists from wealthy nations do research in poorer ones


What the Great Pushback Against Urban Progressives Is Really About. It’s not crime. (excellent; “Democrats’ inability to address the homelessness crisis is going to cost them generational progress on criminal justice, as the forces for reforming the police go into retreat.”)
Guerrilla Attacks Signal Rising Resistance to Russian Occupation
Big boys playing dress-up: Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are dangerous — and deeply embarrassing
Dozens of White Supremacists Arrested in Idaho Had Planned to Riot, Authorities Say. Members of the right-wing group Patriot Front who were charged on Saturday were preparing to disrupt a nearby Pride event, according to the police.
I’m a Texas teacher. Here are all the things I’m asked to be.
Democrats Need a Vision. Fast.
What the research really says about American immigration
We Must Do Something. This Is Something. Clap.
Anger and heartbreak on Bus No. 15: As American cities struggle to recover from the pandemic, Denver’s problems spill over onto its buses
In Florida, There’s a Growing Gap Between What People Say About Abortion and What They Do
The town crier: Deepening suspicions. A parallel voting system. Dumpster diving for documents. In northwest Georgia, a woman known as ‘Burnitdown’ portends what the Trump movement is becoming.
Now Is the Time for Unions to Go on the Offensive
How Christian home-schoolers laid the groundwork for ‘parental rights’
How many Covid deaths are acceptable? Some Biden officials tried to guess.
Why Liz Cheney’s ‘seditious conspiracy’ talk is awful for Trump
The Old Post Office Clock Tower Has Reopened To The Public
Golf has done so very much good — for Phil Mickelson and his pals
Bed, Bath & Banksy? Immersive Art Exhibit Moving Into Shuttered Chinatown Retail Space
What the gun control movement can learn from the antiabortion movement
Poor People In The D.C. Region Struggle To Access Abortion. The SCOTUS Decision Could Make It Worse
City Paper Primary Prep: Will Incumbents Bonds, Mendelson, Nadeau Hang On?
Inside Game
Zachary Parker Supporters Question Faith Gibson Hubbard and Her Ties to Bowser
Mark Meadows Burned Papers After Talk About Tossing Election Results, Ex-Aide Says

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