Links 3/31/13

Links for you. Science:

As Members of Congress who value the critical role played by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in better health outcomes, job creation, and economic growth , we respectfully request that the NIH receives at least $32 billion for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014” (pdf; you’ll notice neither Tierney nor any GOP candidate has said anything about scientific funding which brings billions of dollars to Massachusetts)
The case of the poison potato
Ducks Meet the Culture Wars
Gizmodo fails again (like Chris Clarke, I have never understood why deserts are thought of as empty–they are ecosystems, every bit as fragile as a tropical rainforest)
Why the GOP Should Love Duck Penises


Smart on Crime (excellent)
The Weeklies (excellent)
Major corporations are pocketing your taxes (must-read)

Jane Goodall’s Troubling, Error-Filled New Book, ‘Seeds of Hope’
(the reason she’s getting a ‘free pass’ is because no one believes she actually wrote the damn thing, which is just as damning)
Why Did Liberals Support the Iraq War?
Imagining Cities Without Highways: It’s hard to create cohesive, connected communities when there are giant roads dividing neighborhoods. It’s time to revitalize our cities by removing the highways. (and yet the success of the Big Dig continues to be ignored)
How Many Schools Don’t Have Nurses?
Feminism’s Tipping Point: Who Wins from Leaning in?
Why the neoliberal consensus doesn’t work
The Day I Taught How Not to Rape
21 graphs that show America’s health-care prices are ludicrous
Free Trade and Unrestricted Capital Flow: How Billionaires Get Rich and Destroy the Rest of Us

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  1. Frank Carpenter says:

    Cities without highways.

    How nice it would be to see light rail running east on RT 2 from Fitchburg to Cambridge, RT3 to Medford, Haymarket and so on. Every metropolitan artery should have a frequent train running into and from the city. It isn’t just the inner neighborhoods that suffer from the automobile, but Belmont and Arlington, Medford, Needham, Natick, and others.

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