Links 6/10/22

Links for you. Science:

Spanish Cave Was an Art Studio for Neanderthals and Ancient Humans, Researchers Say
There’s still no HIV vaccine. The science behind coronavirus shots may help.
Endangered Anegada rock iguanas are being eaten like popcorn by cats
We Should Have Seen Monkeypox Coming. Five years ago, monkeypox made a leap—and most of the world ignored it.
Welcome to the Great Reinfection. A repeat encounter with Covid used to be a rarity. But now that Omicron has changed the game, expect reinfections to be the new normal.
Two distinct monkeypox variants found in U.S., adding to outbreak’s mystery


The politics of shifting baselines
The Future Of The Democratic Party
Two women were charged with murder after having stillbirths. The cases are rocking this conservative corner of California
Russian man accused of Alexander Litvinenko killing dies of Covid-19 (might actually be a case of ‘with COVID or from COVID’…)
Can the SEC stand up to the richest man on the planet?
The Beigeness, or How to Kill People with Bad Writing: The Scott Alexander Method
NYT’s “Black Voters Want More Cops” Reporting Genre Cynically Conflates Desire for Public Safety With Demands for More Policing, Longer Sentences
How an Airport Nail Salon Became the Frontline of US Covid Surveillance
‘When it’s a shooting on a city street, nothing happens’
Milo Yiannopoulos, far-right provocateur, is a Marjorie Taylor Greene intern
The Wildest Revelations From the January 6 Committee
City Paper Primary Prep: With McDuffie Gone, Is the 2022 Attorney General Race Schwalb’s to Lose?
A shocker in the Proud Boys indictment exposes the right’s long game
Do many Americans believe in the ‘great replacement’ theory?
D.C. Renews Push To Get Kids Routine Vaccinations Ahead Of Next School Year
White-nationalist APU provocateurs intimidate family-friendly Pride event at Dallas gay bar
The Supreme Court Is Broken. How Do We Fix It?
The Satanist Neo-Nazi Plot to Murder U.S. Soldiers: A rogue G.I.’s trial exposes the depths of a murderous far-right ideology — and the FBI’s complicity in spreading hate
Who Could Have Seen This Coming
Wall Street Is a Carny Scam. No Politician Should Be Allowed Near It.
White supremacist attacks stir GOP fears for safety of White people

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