Links 5/13/22

Links for you. Science:

Started Out as a Fish. How Did It End Up Like This?
A melanistic fox, one of the rarest animals on the planet.
“Pasteur’s Bacterial Culture” and “Coley’s toxins”: Anomalies and Landmark Discoveries
Alterations in microbiota of patients with COVID-19: potential mechanisms and therapeutic interventions
Moderna COVID vaccine may have slight edge over Pfizer in infections only
The Promising Treatment for Long COVID We’re Not Even Trying. Early anecdotes about Paxlovid’s effects on long COVID are intriguing, but no one’s testing them in clinical trials yet.


Why Big Money Is Pouring Into A Safe Democratic Seat In North Carolina
Americans believe nothing is getting better. Biden feeds that disillusionment
Gavin Newsom 🖤 Oligarch Valley
Saint McCain
Susan Rice Criticized for Creating ‘Abusive and Dehumanizing’ Workplace
Sanders: GOP Ended Filibuster to Pack Supreme Court, So Dems Must End It to Save Abortion Rights (Sanders isn’t perfect, but he has always been a stalwart on reproductive rights–and none of this ‘legal, safe, and rare’ shit, just legal and safe, and up to the woman)
Your OB-GYN might miss out on critical training in a post-Roe world
Overworked and Underpaid: Many people work more than full time, but few earn extra money anymore. A labor-friendly president promises to change that.
GOP staffers fired after possible ‘ballot harvesting’ operation found in Pa.
In leaked audio, Sen. Lindsey Graham calls Biden ‘maybe the best person to have’ as president
Northern Ireland Had New Problems Even Before Boris Johnson Went Bull-in-a-China-Shop
Why Madison Cawthorn triggers Republicans. The Madison Cawthorn scandal exposes how the GOP depends on right-wing media to delude their base
The Fight to Keep Their “Poor People’s Paradise” out of Private Equity’s Hands
Slovakian sees a video about American suburbs and posts questions to Reddit. The level of bafflement is hilarious and appropriate.
Two Behemoths Dominate the Motorized Wheelchair Industry. Disabled Customers Pay the Price.
Terra Flops
I Started a Facebook Group for People Cut by PetSmart During Covid. It Didn’t End Well.
Metro hires new general manager amid pandemic, safety challenges
My Newspaper Was Gutted by Journalism’s Biggest Bogeyman
Real Estate Predators Tried to Cash In on the Pandemic. Then Tenants Fought Back.
Biden and Trump Both Trashed Private Equity’s Favorite Tax Dodge. Surprise! It’s Still Here.
The Smash-and-Grab Economy: Private equity billionaires are looting the country, leaving everyday Americans to clean up the mess—and fight for the scraps.

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