Links 3/13/22

Links for you. Science:

Pronounced loss of Amazon rainforest resilience since the early 2000s
Mask requirements in schools reduced coronavirus cases, CDC finds
Fossil of Vampire Squid’s Oldest Ancestor Is Named for Biden
No, you don’t need to worry about joro spiders. They may even be helpful in some ways
KMCP: accurate metagenomic profiling of both prokaryotic and viral populations by pseudo-mapping
Software testing in microbial bioinformatics: a call to action Open Access


Welcome to Londongrad, Where Kleptocrats Wash Their Money Clean
John Mearsheimer and the dark origins of realism
Can we finally talk about freeing ourselves from fossil fuel tyranny?
I would like you to meet Polina Kovaleva. Polina is a 26-year-old glamorous Russian girl from London. She lives in a huge apartment in Kensington and loves to party, her instagram feed looks like a non-stop holiday. That’s not unheard of, but there is one small detail… (The AristocratsOligarchs!)
The Supreme Court Just Came Perilously Close to Blowing Up Federal Elections
No, gas prices aren’t really at a ‘record.’ But people are hurting anyway
Do Washingtonians Cheat on Wordle More Than Most? According to one study, the answer is yes.
Ukrainians Fleeing The Russian Bombing In Irpin Said Enemy Troops Are Now Moving Into Their Abandoned Homes (there’s a reason the Founders added the Third Amendment)
Inflation or “corporate greed”? Meat prices increased by double digits during pandemic
Democrats Who Led Trump’s First Impeachment See Grim Validation in Ukraine Invasion
How to have a career as a journalist in 2022
The Cats (and Dogs) of Istanbul
How the right embraced Russian disinformation about ‘U.S. bioweapons labs’ in Ukraine
The Best Of All Possible Worlds
A Pandemic Is Not Some Line Item in the Federal Budget
Freedom Of Screech
Improving Ventilation Will Stop More Than Covid-19. All airborne pathogens — including viruses that cause colds and flu — spread quickly in buildings without proper air circulation and filtration.
As U.S. COVID deaths near 1 million, advocates press for a memorial day
Groups hardest hit by COVID-19 appear least likely to get care for its lingering effects
Documenting D.C.’s Doo-Wop Histories
Metro Will Sever Yellow Line For Eight Months As It Repairs Bridge Over Potomac
Metro Will Not Re-Appoint Its Inspector General Who Has Uncovered Issues With MTPD, Maintenance, And More
Mask Mandates Cut COVID-19 Spread in Schools, Studies Find
Rep. Paul Gosar’s lengthy ties to White nationalists, pro-Nazi blogger and far-right fringe received little pushback for years

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