Links 3/11/22

Links for you. Science:

City’s COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Has Prevented an Estimated 48,000 Deaths, 300,000 Hospitalizations, and 1.9 Million Cases
Is Covid Over? No, But Global Health Funders Are Moving On
Characterization of GMB-1, a novel metallo-β-lactamase (MBL) found in three different Enterobacterales species
The NFL Has Been Using an Unproven Measure to Get Players With Covid Back on the Field Fast
Safety of mRNA vaccines administered during the initial 6 months of the US COVID-19 vaccination programme: an observational study of reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and v-safe
For people who never got COVID, what are the odds they never will? Here’s what experts say


How Did This Many Deaths Become Normal? (excellent)
The CDC’s new mask guidance guarantees we’ll be too slow for the next surge (yep)
Arizona lawmaker speaks to white nationalists, calls for violence — and sets fundraising records (lives in Tempe, has a 700 sq. ft. trailer in her district, which is her ‘home.’ Such a grifter.)
Who are all these public health people supposedly arguing for no one to go anywhere or do anything ever, that mean we need so many “think” pieces condemning that? The public health people I know want governments to step up and address this pandemic like a grown-up.
Here Are Five Takeaways From The First D.C. Mayoral Debate
Putin is bombing the ‘Russian world’ he claims to protect
After years of living in Moscow, I have bad news: No one should expect the Russian people to suddenly rise up against Putin now
No One is Entitled to Friends: You’re not ‘canceled’, you’re just an asshole
Noise camera to be tested in downtown Knoxville
Today in Trump Judges
After Two Years of Covid, the U.S. Economy Is Thriving. We Have the Great Recession to Thank.
Only One Member of Congress from Washington Wants to Fix the Supreme Court
Liz Cheney nails the truth about ‘the Putin wing of the GOP’
There Is No Excuse for Failure to Charge Trump for His Role on January 6
Why Is Biden Pushing People Back to the Office?
The Law Is An Ass
Generation Lead
It Is Not News that Bill Barr Lied to Protect Kleptocracy
Millions of Leftists Are Reposting Kremlin Misinformation by Mistake
Losses, hopes, and expectations for sustainable futures after COVID
Seemingly stuck Russian convoy hides mysteries
Proud Band of Ukrainian Troops Holds Russian Assault at Bay — for Now

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