There Will Be No Accountability

I bet you thought this post is about COVID-19. Surprise! (akshually, I’ll do that next week). Josh Marshall makes a good point about Ukraine, Republicans, and Trump–oh my! (boldface mine):

But the leader [Trump] of this [Republican] party has spent the last seven years fawning over the increasingly dictatorial leader of the country who has now tipped the world into the biggest international crisis in a generation and I guess we’re somehow not going to talk about that. I mean, he actually got impeached over it and for participating in a scheme to make the country Russia just invaded easier to invade.

It would be as if in the aftermath of 9/11 Richard Gephardt or perhaps Al Gore were in a terrible bind because they were the co-chairs of the U.S.-Bin Laden Friendship League or ran a nonprofit focused on training the next generation of al Qaeda airline pilots. But somehow bygones and all that. It really is pretty much like that. And frankly, this is the most generous read of the facts before us.

Remember the time that Donald Trump’s degenerate campaign manager worked with a business partner who was a Russian spy and they finagled to pull the part of the 2016 GOP platform that called for military aid to Ukraine? Or the time Russian intermediaries reached out to the candidate’s son about the Russian government assisting his campaign and he said he “I love it!” Or the other time when the now leader of the House GOP caucus said that he thought “there’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump” and then his colleagues swore him to silence and told him not to speak of it again. Do I need to bring up more examples? Maybe the time where Trump met Putin in Helsinki, Finland, and told reporters he trusted Putin more than his own intelligence officials?

…We know all this and we know that his party has followed him reflexively in this course. And somehow, well … where are those articles?

Of course, most mainstream organizations won’t point this out because they have internalized Republican critiques of the media and wouldn’t want to appear biased. Meanwhile gormless and incompetent professional Democrats simply are unable to hurl enough invective to get anyone to notice. So there will be no accountability.

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