Links 3/5/22

Links for you. Science:

Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine among children 5-11 and 12-17 years in New York after the Emergence of the Omicron Variant
They Want to Break T. Rex Into 3 Species. Other Paleontologists Aren’t Pleased.
The coronavirus invades cells in the penis and testicles of monkeys, researchers discover. (paper here)
SARS-CoV-2-infected individuals could have different variants hidden in different parts of the body
NIH orders sweeping review of potentially risky experiments on viruses and other pathogens
‘Spaghetti Legs,’ Brain Fog, And No Cure In Sight: Locals On What It’s Like To Live With Long COVID


Let’s puncture some myths about Democrats’ struggles (excellent)
A view from Russian academia
Progressives Found a Lot to Like in Biden’s State of the Union. Congress’ left flank has been blamed for Democrats’ stagnating agenda, but Rashida Tlaib praised many of the policy priorities the president pushed on Tuesday
Former Md. county health officers, whisteblower allege politicization within health department
Sen. Tim Kaine, still experiencing long covid, introduces bill to research and combat it (how about grilling Fauci and Walensky on the frequency of COVID in vaccinated people?)
‘A no-brainer’: Merrimack Valley RTA makes all buses free to ride for two years
Larry Summers Shares the Blame for Inflation
Won’t Drill Baby Won’t Drill: Don’t expect domestic fracking companies and the Wall Street investors getting rich off them to fill any gap in Russian petrochemicals.
Throw your cellphone in the river, change your name, and move to Montana
Biden’s State of the Union Speech Only Highlighted Democrats’ Divisions
Fact checking the president
Josh Gottheimer trying to find the guy who did this
D.C. Bans Evictions Over Unpaid Rent Of Less Than $600
D.C. To Offer Free KN95 Masks For Kids Starting March 2
‘I’ll Be The Majority Leader’: Mitch McConnell Shreds Rick Scott’s Proposed GOP Agenda (Republicans in disarray!)
Inside The Divide Over The Future Of The Washington Teachers’ Union
Why aren’t Republicans worried their fanatical culture war will hurt them in the midterms?
A January 6 Defendant Has Pled Guilty to ‘Seditious Conspiracy’: Meanwhile, the January 6 committee has brought the investigation close to the gilded hallways of Mar-a-Lago.
“We should not let shame obscure our vision.”
Former Fox News Director Jack Hanick Indicted for Helping Russia
Pro-Putin Disinformation on Ukraine Is Thriving in Online Anti-Vax Groups
D.C. Will Start Reporting COVID-19 Data Weekly Instead Of Every Weekday
How to Defeat Russia. And save the world in the process
The Quiet Way Advertisers Are Tracking Your Browsing

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