Links 2/5/22

Links for you. Science:

Texas Butterfly Sanctuary Closes Due To ‘Credible Threats’ From Pro-Trump Event: A congressional candidate also recently accused the National Butterfly Center’s staff of being “OK with children being trafficked and raped.”
Online archives where scientists post their research spark information revolution
Who will defend embattled scientists?
Long COVID: Part 1: This problematic paper and Part 2: The concept of syndromes
The Physics of the N95 Face Mask
A So-Called Game-Changing Weight Loss Drug Is Here—So What Happens Next?
Major crop growing regions are shifting as the climate warms


Talking “Bretbug” in the Classroom. Lessons from that one time I ended up living my strategic political communication syllabus
The Big-Name Journalists Who Are Trying to “Both Sides” Covid. The New York Times’ David Leonhardt and others would have you believe that liberal overreaction to the pandemic is as big a problem as the anti-vax right.
How Do We Talk About COVID Anti-Vaxxers and Deniers When They Die of COVID?
Why Geographic Inequality Tilts the Map Against Democrats
Oath Keepers Are Better Trained Than Other Extremists: Two-Thirds Of Members Are Vets Or Retired Police
We Don’t Need a Department of Homeland Security
Anthony Fauci is up against more than a virus (not a Fauci fanboi, but he shouldn’t get murder threats)
Stop the Squeal
Fake vaccine cards are everywhere. It’s a public health nightmare. Thousands of fake vaccine card vendors threaten to gut the effectiveness of U.S. vaccine mandates, a Grid investigation reveals. Major platforms and app stores aren’t stopping them, law enforcement isn’t catching them, and political leaders are AWOL. (and the Biden administration’s craveness towards anti-vaxxers and unwillingness to support pro-vaxx people is why this happened)
COVID-19: Significant Improvements Are Needed for Overseeing Relief Funds and Leading Responses to Public Health Emergencies (GAO piles on the Biden administration)
Mementos Mori: What else is lost when an object disappears?
Conspiracy theorists, banned on major social networks, connect with audiences on newsletters and podcasts. Newsletter company Substack is making millions off anti-vaccine content, according to estimates
Police training is a wasteland of unregulated ‘courses’ taught by for-profit extremists
Much of America wants policing to change. But these self-proclaimed experts tell officers they’re doing just fine.
How the State Created Fast Food
Spotify’s policies are expressly designed to encourage deadly disinformation about COVID-19
Are we at the natural end-point of whatever this experiment in representative democracy is?
As white nationalists, Jan. 6 extremists embrace Christian nationalism, even darker forces revive
It’s been two years. Why does the pandemic feel so much harder for me now?
Public libraries across the U.S. are taking note of this Richmond branch’s parent-and-child-friendly design
Glenn Greenwald Found His Rabbit Hole (anti-anti-anti-vaccinationism is ugly)
Restaurant workers are quitting in droves. This is how they are being lured back.
New York Nurses Accused Of Selling Forged COVID Vaccine Cards In $1.5 Million Scheme

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