New Democrats and COVID Testing Reimbursement

If one wants to understand why those who used to be called liberal Democrats, and now call themselves everything from progressives, to social democrats, to actual socialists just don’t like ‘moderate’/New Democrats, one only has to look at the Biden’s administration plan to make testing more affordable.

The administration’s plan requires people to submit their receipts to their insurance company (assuming they have any health insurance at all), after which they will (or should, anyway) get reimbursed. While it’s not quite as asinine as using tax-advantaged savings accounts, it’s still pretty fucking stupid.

Rather than subsidizing the production directly and lowering prices, which is what is other countries do, this is a typical New Democrat plan that involves lots of paperwork and makes it difficult to gain the supposed benefit. At the same time, if criticized, these same New Democrats will claim they did subsidize the tests–which technically is true–even though many people won’t experience that subsidy. Moreover, it’s just a bad policy, since the price is too high.

The Biden Administration really isn’t reading the room here: most of its supporters (and some others too) would be thrilled to see them take strong action that affects a lot of people, and will make things better. I realize New Democrats gonna New Democrat, and they aren’t actively malevolent like Republicans, but this tepid, gormless, incremental bullshit is going to get people sick and dead.

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2 Responses to New Democrats and COVID Testing Reimbursement

  1. Ten Bears says:

    The faceless bureaucrat between you and your good health?

    A “claims adjuster” in Sri Lanka …

  2. ” I realize New Democrats gonna New Democrat, and they aren’t actively malevolent like Republicans…” Whatever gave you that idea?

    But the big question is this: Why do they continue to succeed in sabotaging us and the rest of the Democrats?

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