Links 12/7/21

Links for you. Science:

How to Save the Prairie, Acre by Acre
Genic Selection Within Prokaryotic Pangenomes
Putative host origins of RNA insertions in SARS-CoV-2 genomes
Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 harbors a unique insertion mutation of putative viral or human genomic origin
An upper bound on one-to-one exposure to infectious human respiratory particles
Concrete Doesn’t Have to Be an Ecological Nightmare


Capitalism vs. Liberty. All that we liberals cherish—socially, economically, and politically—is being undermined by toxic capitalism. What might lie beyond it, and how might we get there? (must-read)
Pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death rates. Misinformation is to blame
Where the Pro-Choice Movement Went Wrong
Journalism Jargon is Obfuscating the Facts
How to Care Less About Work: As we peer around the corner of the pandemic, let’s talk about what we want to do—and not do—with the rest of our lives.
The “Guarantee Clause”: Could this one weird trick save American democracy?
Charlie Baker’s empty suit
Saving Democracy Will Require Institutional and Civil Resistance at All Levels
Denmark sees ‘concerning’ jump in omicron cases — a warning sign for Europe
If You’re A Star They Let You Do It
The pandemic might be producing juries that are more likely to convict
How a Cream Cheese Shortage Is Affecting N.Y.C. Bagel Shops
Sotomayor saw she couldn’t sway her colleagues. So she talked to us instead.
Bolsonaro Launched A Trumpian Anti-Vaccine Campaign. Brazilians Got The Shot Anyway.
In Minneapolis Schools, White Families Are Asked to Help Do the Integrating
The Judge Who Keeps People Out of Jail
Seven days: Following Trump’s reckless coronavirus trail
As the Lock Rattles
Rather than advancing any sort of a positive program, Republican Senators will be focusing on culture wars.
Wall Street Has Deployed a Dirty Tricks Playbook Against Whistleblowers for Decades – Now the Secrets Are Spilling Out
Why Would Anyone Expect Republicans to Implement the Biden Agenda? Yet that’s what the Build Back Better Act does with practically all of its family care programs.
Whose Writing Is on the Wall at the Museum? It Could Be Yours.
The Kansas City School That Became a Stop for R. & B. Performers
The Trump Conspiracy Is Hiding in Plain Sight

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