Links 12/4/21

Links for you. Science:

Probable Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant in Quarantine Hotel, Hong Kong, China, November 2021 (worth nothing this has been observed before in similar situations for other variants too)
Viral Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Persons
Venice’s barrier against rising seas could jeopardize city’s ecosystem
Implications of the further emergence and spread of the SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 variant of concern (Omicron) for the EU/EEA – first update
How Delta and Omicron Could Emerge as Twin Outbreaks
Omicron COVID variant was in Europe before South African scientists detected and flagged it to the world (if a South/southern African origin isn’t correct, lots of HAWT TAEKS will have to be revised–the epidemiology case tracking is just as hard and requires as much time as the immunology)


In Praise of One-Size-Fits-All: Critiques of vaccine mandates continue a neoliberal tradition of idolizing private choice at the expense of the public good.
Give Me Slack (excellent)
California school district will let unvaccinated students have in-person learning, defying state mandate
China tightens its grip on Hong Kong universities
Glibertarian Josh Barro And Neoconservative Bill Kristol Agree
The Supreme Court faces an existential crisis of legitimacy
Ten Things TV Lawyers Can Do Rather than Whinging about Merrick Garland
Congress Could Really Hurt the NFL If It Wants To
Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene aren’t fringe. They’re leading indicators.
You Really Should Check Out Lincoln’s Cottage
Everywhere, America. Every man looks like a Nazi, and every Nazi just looks like every man
Amy Coney Barrett’s Adoption Myths: “They’re co-opting our lives and our stories.”
I Was Adopted. I Know the Trauma It Can Inflict.
Texas Restricts Medication Abortion, Escalating War On Reproductive Rights
Supreme Court Makes Clear the Unthinkable Is Here on Abortion
Dems Stalled Abortion Protections In A Committee (we will fight for YOOOUUUUU!!!!)
As Buttigieg Eyes a Presidential Run, His DOT Is Floundering
Dr. Oz has misled the public on medical issues for years. Now he’s running for Senate.
The Problem With Alice Waters and the “Slow Food” Movement (too much PMC barglespeak, but the point is valid)
The effort to contain the coronavirus with vaccines is about to get harder. Once again, partisanship plays a role (Republican COVID Quislings)
Far right is using Twitter’s new rule against anti-extremism researchers
A man bragged he was ‘gonna be rich’ off fake coronavirus vaccine cards, prosecutors say. Then he got charged.
‘Stretch that rope’: Colorado conservative leader suggests Gov. Polis should be hanged. FEC United’s Joe Oltmann spoke on podcast of ‘a line of executions of traitors,’ including U.S. senators

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1 Response to Links 12/4/21

  1. I am sympathetic with a good part of “Ten Things TV Lawyers Can Do Rather than Whinging about Merrick Garland”, but I also see problems.

    1. Some of what the author describes as the DoJ doing what it has to do might really be stalling. Some things could have been done in a week, that are taking months or even years.

    While a good part of this is stalling by others than the DoJ, it’s the same thing:

    When was the House Committee to investigate 1/6 formed? When did it subpoena Steve Bannon? When did it hold Bannon in contempt once it was clear that the subpoena would be disobeyed? When were contempt charges filed in court? When is the trial scheduled?

    2. The article calls for “explaining”. There’s a saying that if you’re explaining, you’re losing. Those things need to be hammered in sound-bites repeatedly. People have to be identified and blamed. The rabid right has all sorts of funding for this campaigning that we don’t have.

    3. The ones who need to do the ten things have no notion that the blog exists.

    4. I suspect that some of the ten things are being done, or have been done. Again, the problem is that they aren’t repeated and hammered.

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