Links 11/7/21

Links for you. Science:

Mandates. A well-organized campaign. No politics. How Puerto Rico’s vaccine drive turned into a success
Labs With No One to Run Them: Why Public Health Workers Are Fleeing the Field
You’re Boosted! Now What? No one knows exactly what the rules are for post-booster behavior.
Oxford Scientists Find Gene That Doubles Risk of Dying From Covid-19 (paper here)
Has the Virus Infected Huge Numbers of Younger Children?
Influenza lineage extinction during the COVID-19 pandemic?


America Has Lost the Plot on COVID. We’re avoiding the hardest questions about living with the coronavirus long term. (I have a plan!. Also, no mention of long COVID in the piece)
Glenn Youngkin’s Underage Son Tried to Vote in Virginia Governor’s Election, Officials Say (it’s self-projection all the way down)
Hey, Facebook, I Made a Metaverse 27 Years Ago. It was terrible then, and it’s terrible now.
Everybody’s Fault But Mine
Art Nouveau elevators from c. 1900. Clockwise from top left: Prague, St. Petersburg, 2x Vienna.
Here’s Why Rapid COVID Tests Are So Expensive and Hard to Find (this is part of a larger pattern of the Biden administration demobilizing too early because they thought it was over–would like to know who decided that)
Youngkin pledged more parental control of education, but changes may prove difficult
This Is Just The Same Old Shit
Nearly 14,400 Washingtonians Weren’t Counted in the Census, New Report Says. DC had a higher undercount rate than any state
More Than 20% of DCPS Staffers Still Unvaccinated After Deadline
Right-wing vehicle ramming attacks on protesters spread, thanks to green light by authorities
India Walton’s Mayoral Defeat in Buffalo Sets Dangerous Precedents for the Left (I’ll have to write a longer post about this, but I fail to see how the socialist moniker does the left any favors. Sanders had to embrace it because of his past, but just stop calling policies equivalent to Hubert Humphrey’s socialism)
How Democrats can get their act together (never thought I would see Rubin with “Democrats are often accused of “waging class warfare.” If only they would give it a try.”)
Blue Collar Cats Have a Job To Do: Killing Pests
I’ve been thinking about healthcare, health outcomes, and American exceptionalism.
Drug Users Are Nostalgic for ‘Old-School Heroin’ as Fentanyl Takes Over
Boston-area parents rush to get their kids vaccinated, but the local newspaper isn’t reporting that
GOP candidates win, despite having participated in Jan. 6 events
Ward 2 redistricting plan would split Dupont Circle ‘gayborhood’
Two decades after vanishing, her daughter suddenly showed up with children, a new identity — and speaking Spanish
In January 2021, I signed a contract with the New York Times to publish an op-ed about how Tyson needed to vaccinate meat processing workers. After I informed Tyson of the oped (it had been fact-checked, translated into Spanish & the photos edited) it was suddenly killed.
D.C. Council Takes On Sweeping Rewrite Of 100-Year-Old Criminal Code
What’s Going On Here
The case of Ron DeSantis and the muzzled professors takes another dubious turn

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  1. I’m from Buffalo (although I couldn’t vote in the election because I live in one of the first-ring suburbs) & I hated how the media around here really smeared India Walton with the socialism tag. Byron Brown has been a terrible mayor. Rents have gone up from around $600 for a 3-bedroom apartment to $1600 in the time period he’s been mayor … there’s more “luxury” housing being built than anything else … meanwhile, the sections of the city that were low-income have been torn down … there’s whole blocks where there’s no houses left whatsoever. Homelessness is out of control here. Everyone knows that Brown doesn’t care about the lack of affordable housing, he want to gentrify the entire city. That’s one of the reasons I moved out of the city this May … I couldn’t afford living there anymore. Buffalo has always been one of the most affordable cities in the country & it just isn’t anymore. Bryon Brown basically ran as a Republican … he had total GOP backing.

  2. Your links to Washington Post articles are useless to me, I can’t read anything because they’re blocked by “subscription offers”.

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