Finally, Someone in Our So-Called Justice System Gets Jan. 6

Months ago, some asshole with a blog wrote:

If Officer Goodman hadn’t faked out some of the insurrectionists, they would have had a free run to the Senate chamber. It was that close. Despite the histrionics and denialism of the Sorelian left (not to mention the authoritarian right), we are better off for this attempt to stop the legitimate and lawful transfer of presidential authority and power having failed.

Yes, many of the insurrections were fools, incompetent ones. But doesn’t remove their intent. They wanted to stop the democratic transition of power–and they haven’t gone away. We sweep this under the rug at our peril.

Well, maybe a federal judge reads my shitty blog? (probably not; boldface mine):

The chief judge presiding over the federal court in Washington on Thursday unleashed a blistering critique of the Justice Department’s prosecution of Capitol rioters, saying fiery rhetoric about the event’s horror did not match plea offers involving minor charges.

“No wonder parts of the public in the U.S. are confused about whether what happened on January 6 at the Capitol was simply a petty offense of trespassing with some disorderliness, or shocking criminal conduct that represented a grave threat to our democratic norms,” Judge Beryl A. Howell said in court Thursday. “Let me make my view clear: The rioters were not mere protesters.”

…She took the opportunity, spending over an hour interrogating prosecutors on the decision to let Tennessee video game developer Jack Jesse Griffith plead guilty to the misdemeanor of parading inside the Capitol…

Why, she asked, when prosecutors called the riot an “attack on democracy . . . unparalleled in American history,” were Griffith and other participants facing the same charge as nonviolent protesters who routinely disrupt congressional hearings?

“It seems like a bit of a disconnect,” Howell said — “muddled” and “almost schizophrenic.”

..“Is it the government’s view that the members of the mob that engaged in the Capitol attack on January 6 were simply trespassers?” Howell asked incredulously. “Is general deterrence going to be served by letting rioters who broke into the Capitol, overran the police . . . broke into the building through windows and doors . . . resolve their criminal liability through petty offense pleas?

After asking for probationary sentences in several cases, the government sought a three-month jail sentence for Griffith. Howell questioned what distinguished those cases from this one. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jamie Carter said prosecutors gave some defendants credit for early acceptance of responsibility. Griffith, she added, displayed a lack of remorse after the attack and continued to spread false election claims.

Probation should not be the norm,” Howell said, but added that Griffith should not be punished more than others who engaged in similar conduct. Instead, she put him on probation for 36 months…

She said it was also unusual that prosecutors were not asking for defendants to be under court supervision until they paid their fines. “This is the first time I’ve ever had the government ask for a restitution payment and not ask for a term of probation,” she said. “Is it because the government thinks these defendants are more trustworthy?

No, Judge Howell, it’s because professional Democrats are weak and gormless. They aren’t even willing to protect themselves. And as more details come out, it’s pretty clear large swathes of the insurrections were motivated by trying to stop the peaceful transition of power through violence.

This ends today’s edition of ‘Professional Democrats, Especially Those in Executive Branches, Suck at Their Jobs.’

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3 Responses to Finally, Someone in Our So-Called Justice System Gets Jan. 6

  1. There’s a term for what the Dems are: it’s “learned helplessness”.

  2. Bern says:

    I can’t speak for people who were not there to witness the fascisti that day. But from my perch on my trusty bicycle I watched them attack cops with clear intent to injure or kill, and saw the close-order clumps of brown shirts working their way to the strategic soft spots in the defense of Congress. They’ll walk anyway. Because there is too much fear of them and their brethren and sistern, and too little spine to take them on in the way that they deserve.

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