Happy Labor Day

First, I’m eagerly awaiting the annual tradition of Republican politicians thanking business owners for all they do on Labor Day (really, they’ve been doing this since about 2010).

Second, your semi-regular annual reminder that Republicans weren’t always completely bugshit crazy:


Regular blogging returns tomorrow.

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1 Response to Happy Labor Day

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    I’ve had a hypothesis that the change against unions happened (like many other conservative consolidations to the GOP) as a result of the civil rights acts. Once unions has the legal authority and power to defend equal pay for black workers, that was it – unions, and u.s. manufacturing itself, were on the chopping block. There was just no way they could justifying to their bigoted hearts the idea of paying minorities what the work was really worth…so instead they changed what the work was worth and excised it out of the country. It still took decades to finish, and it is so crazy how some unions (like the Teamsters) totally missed (or turned a blind eye to) what was happening.

    Neo-liberalism in the form of NAFTA pretty much finished it all off.

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