Links 8/15/21

Links for you. Science:

‘Honeybees are voracious’: is it time to put the brakes on the boom in beekeeping? The number of beehives in Britain’s cities is growing rapidly, putting pressure on native bees ‘that really need our help’, say scientists and experienced beekeepers
U.S. sees first cases of dangerous fungus resistant to all drugs in untreated people
Points of No Return
This Butterfly Was the First in North America That People Made Extinct: New research suggests the iconic Xerces blue butterfly may have been its own species.
These Could Be the Oldest Animal Fossils Ever Found, or Just Squiggles


It wasn’t just the mob. Government insiders tried to keep Trump in power, too. (must-read)
Opponents Of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Have A Curious Definition Of ‘Freedom’: Meanwhile, some of the people you’d most expect to hate the mandates think there’s a strong case for them.
Janey should be willing to use every power she has to get people vaccinated (what she said was really stupid and misguided; I think a lot of Democratic politicians are really misreading the room on this issue)
In western New York, the far right tries to make inroads with vaccine skeptics
Most Unvaccinated Americans Still Think Shots Are Riskier Than COVID
Lying about vaccination status. Crossing state lines. Pretending to forget ID. Some people are going to intense lengths to get unauthorized COVID booster shots
‘We’re back to panicking’: Moms are hit hardest with camps and day cares closing again
Kim Janey’s unfair attack on vaccine mandates: Her misguided statements about proof of vaccination sent the wrong message, and could hurt the very people she intended to protect.
A battle of green against green in this Texas community
Need to prove your vaccination status, but worried about losing your paper card? A digital option could soon be widely available
Washington is still shying away from punishing Putin’s closest cronies. Why?
I’m a Parkland Shooting Survivor. QAnon Convinced My Dad It Was All a Hoax. (horrifying)
Popularity, Contested
If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned, the Future Will Be Worse Than the Past
The Community of Brown Grove vs. Wegmans
Richard Trumka, 1949–2021
‘Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped’
Death by Disinformation: GOP Accomplices to Covid Apocalypse
Basket weavers plant the seeds of Gullah culture in the next generation
Susan Collins, Master of Obfuscation

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  1. socrates17 says:

    Are you on hiatus? For several days running, all of the links come from the 1st week of August, now over a week ago. Many have been bypassed by events. I may have to go back to Naked Capitalism as my main source of article to read.

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