Links 7/13/21

Links for you. Science:

Infection and Vaccine-Induced Neutralizing-Antibody Responses to the SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617 Variants (encouraging!)
Danish children struggle to learn their vowel-filled language – and this changes how adult Danes interact
The Asgard Archaeal-Unique Contribution to Protein Families of the Eukaryotic Common Ancestor Was 0.3%
Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?
Coronavirus almost certainly came from an animal, not a lab leak, top scientists argue (paper here)


The Christian Right Is in Decline, and It’s Taking America With It (excellent, must-read)
Biden readies order to rein in worker non-compete clauses and make switching jobs easier
More Than 9,000 D.C. Residents May Have Left Permanently During The Pandemic, Data Show
In a pandemic, US workers without paid medical leave can’t afford a sick day (sick days were one of the four things I identified a year ago as essential for a good pandemic response)
Whether Republicans Get Vaccinated Has A Lot To Do With If They Watch Fox News … Or OANN
Ignoring mental health infrastructure will be a costly mistake
The Red/Blue Divide in COVID-19 Vaccination Rates is Growing
The 2020 Census of American Religion (interesting maps)
Don’t Worry: The 17th Street Streateries Will Be Back
Great work, useful idiots of the media: Most Americans buy the unsubstantiated “lab leak” theory.
Jehovah Jehovah Jehovah!
When One Side’s Terrorist Is Another Side’s Martyr
Texas doesn’t want to enforce its new abortion law, it wants your neighbors to do that
SCOTUS Watchers Freak Out Over Breyer’s ‘Selfish’ and ‘Dangerous’ Decision to Stay Put
They didn’t want to get Covid-19 shots. This is what convinced them.
The Billionaire Playbook: How Sports Owners Use Their Teams to Avoid Millions in Taxes
How to Cover the Big Lies, and Understand Those Who Fall for Them: The media’s still struggling to depict the dangers and the roots of the right’s mass delusions.
Wall Street Journal Fingers Columbia as Leader in Grad Students Whose Student Debt Leaves Them ‘Financially Hobbled for Life’
How has the pandemic affected travel? A U-Md. researcher is tracking cellphone movements to find out.
Auditor’s Report Identifies Issues in Lottery Contract: A report released yesterday by the D.C. Auditor found that a company which stands to receive nearly $110 million over the five year contract has only two employees and “it is clear VSC did not and cannot perform the work outlined in the subcontract agreement with only two employees.”

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