Links 7/6/21

Links for you. Science:

Genomic Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 Virus in Immunocompromised Patient, Ireland
What’s not in the news headlines or titles of Alzheimer disease articles? #InMice
Shutting the gate before the horse has bolted: is it time for a conversation about SARS-CoV-2 and antiviral drug resistance?
Confronting a legacy of scarcity: a plan for reinvesting in U.S. public health
Predictors of Nonseroconversion after SARS-CoV-2 Infection


It’s Time for the F.D.A. to Fully Approve the mRNA Vaccines
The Supreme Court Is Putting Democracy at Risk
Cooling options limited in DC during summer heat emergency
F.D.A. Still Lacks a Permanent Chief, Despite Pressing, Weighty Problems
The mystery that solved itself: Who vandalized D.C.’s beloved Barbie Pond?
A building collapse in Northwest D.C. highlights agency flaws (governance, governance, governance…)
U.S. Military Training Document Says Socialists Represent “Terrorist” Ideology. A Navy training document asks, “Anarchists, socialists and neo-nazis represent which terrorist ideological category?”
On One Native American Reservation, Vaccine Hesitancy Has Long Historical Roots (yet it’s still wrong)
How to Spot a Cult
War Criminal Found Dead at 88
Craving freedom from virus, U.S. heads into July 4 with sharply divided risk
There’s a Way to Get More People Vaccinated—and It Doesn’t Involve the Lottery
Surfside residents fight to keep their town’s character, worry about the future after condo collapse
The True American Patriots Are the Anti-Imperialists
I’ve prosecuted Trump. Documents matter more than Weisselberg now.
Bigots Have Finally Accomplished Their Goal of Gutting the Voting Rights Act
The IRS is a hot mess: Millions of tax returns haven’t been processed, and calls are going unanswered, including mine
NFL fails to follow through on investigation into Daniel Snyder and the culture of the Washington Football Team
Biden Has A Chance To Boost Unions With New Labor Board Appointments
China Isn’t That Strategic
Researcher Uncovers ‘Critical Race Theory’ Astroturfing Campaign (Berman has been an evil prince of darkness for decades)

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