Links 7/3/21

Links for you. Science:

Booster may be needed for J&J shot as Delta variant spreads, some experts already taking them
How ancient people fell in love with bread, beer and other carbs
Russian Scientists Bring 24,000-Year-Old Zombies Back to Life
FlaGs and webFlaGs: discovering novel biology through the analysis of gene neighbourhood conservation
Risk of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Reinfection in a University Student Population


Robert Kennedy Jr. wants to dox a Daily Kos diarist and we’re fighting back
The coming culture war over returning to the office
What The ‘Return To The Office’ Fight Is Really About
Remembering Mike Gravel With the Kids Who Ran His Campaign
Remembering Mike Gravel With the Kids Who Ran His Campaign
Voters didn’t elect us to do nothing and blame the Senate filibuster. Get rid of it.
Dems Launch Proxy War On Medicare For All
Check Out The Drama At This Hip Cookware Company, And Then Confront The Sucking Void At The Heart Of The Global Economy
Why Uruguay lost control of COVID
Residents Who Help Others Get Vaccinated Can Get A $51 Gift Card
The land was worth millions. A Big Ag corporation sold it to Sonny Perdue’s company for $250,000.
Rumsfeld, Monster
What’s In Mayor Bowser’s Budget for Homeless Services
Canada Day, Canada’s Shame
The Dream of Florida Is Dead: The Miami condo collapse is a crisis for the entire state.
Kyrsten Sinema is in real trouble after awful poll numbers and big new revelations
How Rumsfeld Deserves to Be Remembered
Ron Johnson’s anti-science crusade sets back the drive to vaccinate more people in Wisconsin
Donald Rumsfeld, Killer of 400,000 People, Dies Peacefully

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