Links 6/23/21

Links for you. Science:

CDC investigating TB cases linked to tainted bone repair product used in more than 100 patients
Life sciences is poised to be Boston’s dominant industry. Has the area become the Silicon Valley of biotech?
Using Nuclear Bomb Detectors, Scientists Overhear the Secret Songs of a Never-Before-Seen Pygmy Blue Whale Population
Long-term gene–culture coevolution and the human evolutionary transition
The Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Transmission from Patients with Undiagnosed Covid-19 to Roommates in a Large Academic Medical Center


Audio of Joe Manchin talking to Dark Money in private is different from Manchin in Public
Washington’s Dangerous New Consensus on China
The Infrastructure Success Story in Chattanooga
Delaware General Assembly passes $15 minimum wage, sends bill to Gov. John Carney
Take This Job And Shove It
How New York could dramatically increase its public space
Of Course DC Has a Free Punk-Rock Book Shop. The Nevada Avenue Outdoor Free Bookshop also has crime novels and a cool newsletter.
Let’s chat about the Satanic Panic and TTRPGs.
What Happened To Defunding the Police? A closer look at the mayor’s budgets.
The Memo
Arizona election analysis finds GOP voters disenchanted with Trump helped Biden win
How Republicans Became the ‘Barstool’ Party
G7 summit was ‘super spreading’ event for Cornwall as cases rocket 2,450% after Johnson and Biden visit
Route 1 could go from elevated highway to an ‘urban boulevard’ in Crystal City. But not everyone is happy.
If congressional Democrats can’t act to save democracy now, they don’t deserve recess
Towards a Unified Theory of Peloton
Federal agents admit to falsely accusing Chinese professor of being a spy
Bake Sales and Tesla Raffles: The Unequal World of PTA Wealth
Federal judge accuses three senior law enforcement officials of criminal obstruction
Republicans just proved critical race theory correct
Why Are Billionaires Presumed Innocent?

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