Links 6/13/21

Links for you. Science:

The COVID lab-leak hypothesis: what scientists do and don’t know (excellent, must-read)
Animal sales from Wuhan wet markets immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
Coevolutionary phage training leads to greater bacterial suppression and delays the evolution of phage resistance
A Pivotal Mosquito Experiment Could Not Have Gone Better: An extremely common microbe can stop the insects from spreading the virus that causes dengue fever.
More transmissible, wilier variant makes Covid-19 vaccinations even more crucial, experts say


A new Alzheimer’s drug may just be false hope. Will our patients pay the price?
What DC Public School Families Should Expect This Upcoming Year
D.C. Hospitals to Require Employees to Be Vaccinated
All Eyes on AG’s Office and Ward 5 Council Seat A Year From the 2022 Democratic Primary. The most interesting action hinges on AG Karl Racine’s plans, which could set into motion a domino effect for the Ward 5 seat—Kenyan McDuffie is rumored to have his eye on the AG’s office.
Republicans in the States Are Proving Joe Manchin Wrong
These businesses found a way around the worker shortage: Raising wages to $15 an hour or more
I Wonder How We Could Solve That Worker Shortage?
Too crazy for the party of Eastern Oregon
Hunting Leaks, Trump Officials Focused on Democrats in Congress (and gormless Democrats will let them get away with it)
Federal government will maintain expansive work-from-home policies after the pandemic
Here’s Who’s Facing a Nightmare ‘Vaxx Summer’
That $5 Uber Ride, $8 Burrito, and the Brutal Costs of “Cheap”
Ilhan Omar was attacked for saying war crimes allegations should be investigated
On January 23rd, 2021, I drove my husband, Rich, to a hospital in Santa Monica. He had been suffering from COVID for almost a week and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep his temperature below 106 for more than 2-3 hours
The F.D.A. tells Johnson & Johnson that about 60 million doses made at a troubled plant cannot be used.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she doesn’t “believe in evolution” (she smart)
Political System Unites to Condemn Ilhan Omar for Telling the Truth
Appoint A Company Man, He Protects The Company
Call The Celestial Hall Monitor
Democrats Went After Ilhan Omar. Republicans Will Do Nothing About Mark Robinson.

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