Why Can’t They Write Headlines Like This About Trump?

Before I get to the bad headline, for those who aren’t regular readers, I’m not a Biden fan, and his stand on the Iraq War was wrong. That said, this CNN headline (from this story) is very frustrating:

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 3.35.50 PM

I’m glad they called Biden out on this. But how often has CNN–or any other news organization–used the word dishonest in a story headline? I’m not talking about the op-ed page, but straight news. Mind you, the reporter, Daniel Dale, has done yeoman’s work in digging through Trump’s lies–the problem isn’t the story, it’s the headline (and many people don’t read past the headline) that rarely is used to describe Trump (if at all).

This creates an asymmetry between Democrats and Republicans, with Republicans getting the advantage.

This is yet another (small) reason why we can’t have nice things.

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  1. Scottie says:

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    Hello Mike. The idea that the media has a liberal bias is a hoax started by the right. Every study shows main stream media pushes the right leaning or out conservative right position most of the time. We really need a neutral media but until then we need a left media. Hugs

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