Awareness of Long COVID

Or lack thereof? A better awareness of the effects of ‘long COVID‘ might have led some assholes–not assholes with blogs, just ordinary assholes–to take COVID-19 more seriously and not treat it as if it were ‘just the flu.’

It’s pretty goddamn horrific. While the percentage of infected people who will experience long COVID, either permanently or temporarily, is unclear, it’s not low. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume 45 million U.S.-ians have contracted COVID-19, and some percentage of them–one percent, five percent, maybe much higher–will experience significant disability. We haven’t come to grips with the need to accommodate a massive and sudden influx of disabled people.

And if we had made the infliction of disability clearer, maybe some people would have taken it more seriously.

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  1. It will be almost impossible to get any kind of SSD for this, mark my words.

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