Links 2/12/21

Links for you. Science:

The Coronavirus Is a Master of Mixing Its Genome, Worrying Scientists (bit overstated; paper here)
Estimating the effectiveness of the Pfizer COVID-19 BNT162b2 vaccine after a single dose. A reanalysis of a study of ‘real-world’ vaccination outcomes from Israel.
Age groups that sustain resurging COVID-19 epidemics in the United States (pre-November)
The Pandemic Broke the Flu
Mesopotamia and the Dawn of History


Hope And Change
I Don’t Just Want Trump Impeached. I Want Him Jailed.
Biden Wants a Foreign Policy That Puts Middle-Class America First
The Coin Has The Power
It’s Time for a Federal Mask Standard
U.S. Is Losing the Battery Race Despite Having the Right Stuff
Political warfare, inequity, and insufficient data in coverage of the vaccine rollout
Here we go again, more performative b.s. from ‘moderate’ Democrats
Smartmatic Joins Dominion in Lawsuits Against Rudy Giuliani, Fox News
Someone Is Going to Have to Explain to Me How This Makes Any Damn Sense
ANC 3D Asks for Investigation Into Alleged Blockbusting
66,000 West Virginians Earn Less Than The Minimum Wage
59% of workers who would benefit from a $15 minimum wage are women—here’s how it would affect the pay gap
I Left My Career in Prestige Media Because of the Shitty Men in Charge and They Are Still In Charge and Still Fucking Up (I believe the New York Times asshole in question is James Bennett)
More than 200 officials from the Obama administration sign a letter urging Congress to go big on the stimulus. (an admission of sorts about how badly they fucked up)
The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election
The Unbearable Emptiness of Tom Brady
The Wonk Case for Limiting Eligibility on Relief Checks Is Wrong. The evidence for targeting tells you nothing about whether it’s good policy, and it’s not even decent targeting.
Betsy DeVos Is Gone, But Her Education Agenda Is Rolling Out Across the Country
NFL should discourage people from indoor Super Bowl parties
A big step forward on Biden’s agenda poses new challenges to Trump’s GOP
Financial Report Says D.C. Is In a Good Place, But Its Hospitality Workers Are Not
I Talked to the Cassandra of the Internet Age. The internet rewired our brains. He predicted it would.
Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda. Scholars on the Nazis and anti-Semitism have seen this before

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