Democrats Need to Deliver Something Good. And Fast.

It doesn’t have to be all the things at once though. There’s a growing sense of disillusionment among the leftish types about the Biden administration. One thing that would help a lot is to actually do something. Unlike some, I’m not expecting far-left proposals, but I am expecting something:

I don’t expect Democrats to be leftists–the leftist candidate didn’t win the primary–but the coalition that elected Biden didn’t vote for Republicans. It’s pretty clear, especially when you look downballot, that the NeverTrumpers didn’t deliver.

But Democrats, ranging from Sen. Joe Manchin to Ocasio-Cortez, need to adopt an agenda and stick to it. Obviously, it will be a compromise within the party, but working out the proposals shouldn’t involve Republicans. They didn’t deliver, and most of them supported the authoritarian anyway, so fuck ’em. This time around, don’t ‘pre-compromise.’

I don’t think Democrats can wait until March or April to provide relief. They need to get checks in the mail, and soon. If they start delivering on some things, even if they’re not awesome, that would allay a lot of concerns. But many rank-and-file Democrats have been disappointed for a very long time, and the level of trust is pretty close to nil. In a sense, thirty years of gormlessness have backed Democrats into a corner. Every time they ‘reach out’ to Republicans, even if the goal is simply to be able to claim they did that, they scare the crap out of Democratic voters who have seen this bait and switch far too often.

Pass some Democratic legislation, and do it now.

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  1. mnitabach says:

    I’m somewhat cautiously optimistic that Biden, Schumer, Pelosi & Dems understand this?

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