Links 1/23/21

Links for you. Science:

Trump officials reassigned by White House after publishing controversial climate papers without approval
Joe Biden names top geneticist Eric Lander as science adviser
The world needs a single naming system for coronavirus variants
Sharon Begley, path-breaking science journalist who spun words into gold, dies at 64
Reporting responsibly on COVID-19 vaccines requires knowing the research landscape


Pramila Jayapal Is ‘Next-Level’ Angry. The congresswoman tested positive for COVID-19 after sheltering with Republicans who refused to wear masks. (professional Republicans are horrible people)
What It’s Like To Live Inside D.C.’s Militarized Security Zone
Animals interrupting wildlife photographers
Good Riddance, Leader McConnell
Joe Biden unveils 2 big surprises sending a powerful signal he’s pivoting to the left
Paul Krugman column: Appeasement got us where we are
Trump’s ‘Definitive Chronicle of the American Founding’ Is a Staggering Blizzard of Cockamamie Talking Points
‘A hack job,’ ‘outright lies’: Trump commission’s ‘1776 Report’ outrages historians
Don’t let violent extremism lay a permanent claim to public space and services
I’ve Hesitated to Call Donald Trump a Fascist. Until Now
Tysons Sees Falling Rent Prices, But High Housing Costs Still a Challenge
The Worst President in History
I Want My 2.5 Months Back
The Capitol Riot Revealed the Darkest Nightmares of White Evangelical America (it’s not white supremacy, but white Christian supremacy–and the distinction matters)
The most alarming thing about the Trump presidency
The Next Trump: There is no one quite like him in the Republican Party. So where should we look for the president’s inheritors?
Elderly begin to drop out of Novavax vaccine trial to get Pfizer and Moderna shots
The F Word: The debate over whether to call Donald Trump a fascist, and why it matters.
A lightweight book aims a heavyweight punch at the digital advertising ecosystem
D.C.’s Vaccination Plans, a Month In
Conspiracy Theorists Target Comet Ping Pong on Trump’s Last Night in Office

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