Links 12/1/20

Links for you. Science:

‘Absolutely remarkable’ : No one who got Moderna’s vaccine in trial developed severe COVID-19
Moderna to submit Covid-19 vaccine to FDA as full results show 94% efficacy
MBE Transitions to the Open Access Publication Model in 2021
Evidence Builds That an Early Mutation Made the Pandemic Harder to Stop. Scientists were initially skeptical that a mutation made the coronavirus more contagious. But new research has changed many of their minds.
What dinosaur eggs reveal about ancient parenting styles


Social Distancing: The wealthy have pulled out of the orbit of the rest of the country. Can they be leashed back?
Enough cowardice: Democrats must forge ahead, without caring what the Trumpers say
Sorry CNN, Trump voters don’t deserve “sympathy”: Don’t absolve dangerous behavior
The Last Few Years Have Spelled a Resounding End to the ‘Jewish Vote’
Trump isn’t the reason we can’t quit Trump — the obsession is really about his followers
The ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit Was Released And It’s Way Dumber Than You Realize
Bring back the rowhouse
This unnerving election does not bode well for the next one
Regrets, he’s had a few
What’s the matter with Monroe County?
Facial recognition used to identify Lafayette Square protester accused of assault
How Covid-19 stopped Metro in its tracks — and how it could recover
GWB Looks Worse in Hindsight
Divisions emerge among U.S. officials over when first Covid-19 vaccine doses will be available — and for whom
The Lost Days That Made Bergamo a Coronavirus Tragedy
How ‘Dr. Annie’ is dividing the Flathead (“The reality is she has a long history of work in these far-right circles and is a fairly known quantity, especially for organizations who work around the Legislature.” Shocking)
Black Americans are forced to operate our entire lives in battle mode. It’s utterly exhausting. Writer Nathan McCall on the racism he has faced in everyday life, from the streets to elite institutions.
What to Do About Trump Supporters?
Progressives Can’t Repeat the Mistakes of 2008. For the left to be effective in a post-Trump Washington, it must avoid the culture of deference that set in after Obama’s victory.
The Gig Economy Is White People Discovering Servants

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  1. Dave Dell says:

    At first, combining the ‘GWB Looks Worse in Hindsight’ read with the day to day stupidity of the Trump presidency I’ve got to wonder if the power brokers (for lack of a better term) of the Republican Party actually exist. Is it just individual actors trying to exploit the loose coalition called movement conservatism.

    Then at second thought, third thought… So many thoughts about this. Descending into incoherency.

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